Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to eat

I found this article today and I wanted to share it with whomever reads my blog. This is how I try to eat every day and I'm glad I've found I'm not the only one who thinks this way. *Hugs* to Michael Pollan!

12 Short Food Rules, From Michael Pollan:

1. Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
2. Avoid foods containing ingredients you can’t pronounce.
3. Don’t eat anything that wouldn’t eventually rot.
4. Avoid food products that carry health claims.
5. Shop the peripheries of the supermarket; stay out of the middle.
6. Better yet, buy food somewhere else: the farmer’s market or CSA.
7. Pay more, eat less.
8. Eat a wide diversity of species.
9. Eat food from animals that eat grass.
10. Cook and, if you can, grow some of your own food.
11. Eat meals and eat them only [sitting down] at tables.
12. Eat deliberately, with other people whenever possible, and always with pleasure.
[I like to save room for desert.]

Friday, March 28, 2008

I just realized this

I just realized the fact that because I'm going back to work on Monday - Oh, wow...

I have turned into a one woman mini wave of economic stimuli in Orange County.

Here's the general list of stuff I had to do or acquire to prepare for this job.

1. change my tires - $1k, ouch, but, OOhhh I got that new tires smell :*D
2. new laptop computer (Toshiba Satellite Pro A200)
3. software for the new laptop (Office Pro, Visio, Winzip, McAffe)
4. wheeled laptop carrier
5. laptop cable lock
5. excel book for business analysis
6. hard sided pink luggage
7. GPS
8. new dress for the interview
9. two new pairs of earrings for the interview (gold studs and zircs)
10. two pairs of nylons for the interview ( cat trashed one pair already )
11. body shaper for under the dress for the interview, but I couldn't use it because I have to hem the dang thing!
12. hair color
13. ink for my printer
14. paper for my printer

...on top of the regular stuff like food. I was so happy to be back to work, I even called DirecTv and told them to crank my signal back on so I wouldn't miss The Tudor's on Showtime this Sunday night.

I have to call and turn the newspaper off now since I won't have the time to read it anymore. I'm crossing my fingers this all works out.

My $5 fashion find

My $5.00 fashion find is golden metalic flip flops that I found at Old Navy, a store I normally do not shop at because the clothing lacks a certain quality. Available in-store on on-line.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I sometimes have delusions of socialism. And these days I'm applying these thoughts to the price of gas. Lately, it's pissing me off. It pisses me off that gas is not treated as a world commodity. It's pissing me off that OPEC basically controls the price of the highest per-barrel oil producing countries to artificially inflate the price and then oil refinery companies pass their inflated prices onto consumers in the way of high gas prices.

I think the last time I paid for gas, which was Easter Sunday, it was $3.61 a gallon. I know I should not be complaining because gas prices in Europe are so much higher than here in the States and is sold my the liter, but we are spoiled and we drive everywhere, especially in California. This mentality of mine must change along with the rest of society as well our level of petroleum consumption if we ever want to see prices come down. Less demand will bring lower prices.

Where is the electric car when you need one? Actually, there was a whole documentary made about the electric car and its demise a few years ago. You should see it. It will make you mad.

And all of this moaning after I have accepted a consulting job with a commute 70 miles away from home. Grr.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

How I spent my Easter Sunday

First I had a song in my head, so I wrote a blog about it. See previous entry.

Then, I was supposed to go to San Clemente to meet a friend to spend the day and hang out. Well, we went to the pier and walked around, yacking it up all the way there and back, but couldn't really do much more than that because it was Easter and places were closed for the holiday. Here's the four pictures I took.

I ate dinner at El Ranchito because I was hungry and it was open, thank you very much. I had the Carne Asada plate and the Strawberry Margaritas could have been bigger. My margarita limit was two. YUM! Their Menu

From the book of prose 03/23/2008

The Easter Song (Pop: piano, bass)

It's gonna be a beautiful day.
The sunshine 's resurrecting feelings
in my soul I forgot I had
And I am glad.

It's gonna be a day full of fun
I plan to smile so much
my cheeks will ache but I'll forget the pain
I'm done with the rain.

What's in the past
has past me by
What's here and now
is real
I feel I should run with it
Until the stars fall down from the sky
'Till I can fly!

(C) MMM Art, Inc., 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alan Greenspan is my rock star.

I went to a two hour workshop at the Irvine OneStop about Career Personality Types.
The workshop was hard to get into as I was on a stand-by list but on Good Friday, hardly anyone showed up. I was in like Flynn.

Every single time I take this test, no matter how fast or slow or in the day or in the middle of the night Jung Typology Test tells me I'm an "INTJ".

Other famous people with my type are: Stephen Hawking, Andrew Grove, Marie Curie, Guy Kawasaki, Igor Sikorsky, and Hillary Clinton. That's right, Ms. Hillary "Vote for me on election day" Clinton.

Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Ulysses S. Grant, Frideriche Nietsche, Niels Bohr, Peter the Great, John Maynard Keynes, Lise Meitner, Ayn Rand and Sir Isaac Newton are examples of 'Rational Masterminds'.

This is a laugh riot to me because one of my 'away' messages on Yahoo IM is "Busy taking over the world".

But what's most important to me about this test is that I thought I had less of a life because I did not pursue the career I wanted. It so happens that I attained one which complements my "INTJ" personality type in Finance after all.

I know I'm good and what I do because I can make people roll their eyes into the back of their head at me and fall asleep in mid conversation if I really get going. I can speak at length at the details of a financial transaction when most uninterested parties would eventually change the subject. But people in Finance relish the details. I was affirmed of this when I had my last interview which lasted almost 2 hours. The lady I interviewed with is now my new boss :*D

So now Ben Bernanke is the now head of the Fed and we are waiting for significant change to take hold and bring the U.S. out of its funk with his action to lower the bank's overnights borrowing rate. Orange County is definitely in a recession and I feel it won't begin to get better until next year and the new Madame President is inaugurated.

I'm just happy I'm back to work shortly.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

...and then the flood came.

It's a figure of speech. This had nothing to do with water damage at all.

Although it was pushed back until later in the day due to a later flight from Dallas, the interview went really well. It was like I was talking to an old friend from the industry and not someone who rolls their eyes at you because they are going into a coma while you talk about the intricacies of the secondary mortgage market and how you had to apply your knowledge in data for documents to correct a situation. Nice.

After I contacted the recruiter, he also said the same thing "great interview" and asked if I had made a commitment to this position. I had previously said I had an interview for a bookkeeping/client services job in Irvine, so I wanted the opportunity to see what that was about. I decided it was probably bad timing for me to change jobs throwing away 14 years worth of experience and I said that I have made a decision about the consulting job and that I accepted the terms. After I did that, I felt like this flood of paperwork came over me. Nothing was damaged except maybe my tolerance for HR documentation. I even had to run out and get an I-9 filed and shipped as well as replenish my black ink supply for my printer because I ran out preparing so may forms and faxes all in one day.

I have to wait for my new manager to FedEx my drug test forms to me later in the week.

Now I also have to acquire a laptop computer for the job. Hrmm.


You haven't had a raise in months and grocery prices are climbing higher and higher. What is a consumer to do? You pinch your pennies and clip free coupons. I'm telling ya, it helps.

There are so many ways to obtain coupons online these days, it's silly for you not to take advantage of the manufacturer's generosity. The only tricks I can tell you about shopping with coupons are these:

1. Never buy something you will end up not using or giving away. Don't let the thrill of the bargain intice you to buy on the cheap.
2. Sometimes the store brand is cheaper and perfectly fine even if you were to use a coupon for the brand you like most. Many times the store brand will go on sale at the same time as the national brand.
3. Try to buy the items you do you frequently while they are on sale and with a coupon to get the most savings.
4. Coupons are worthless to you if they expire. Build your shopping list around coupons that are just about to expire and you'll be amazed that a lot of times, those items will be on sale.

Smart Source
Coupons Inc

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Life - Rain Delayed in Dallas

I'm supposed to have an interview today with a lady who is flying out from Dallas to especially talk to *me*. Pretty fancy, huh. She woke me up from a dead sleep at 7:45 AM to tell me she's having to delay her flight because of weather. Oh, man. I'm glad she called to let me know because I would have if it were me who was the one who was flying. Maybe it's sign #3. One being 75 miles to the job site and two being they won't supply me a laptop for the gig. Hrmmm. Hrmmm and Hrmmm.

WFAA Dallas News link about the weather 9AM CST

Monday, March 17, 2008

I said The End and I meant it.

I have known this man for almost five years now. At first, I had a compulsion to know Drama Boy because he seemed to have attained the life that I never pursued which intrigued me. Later, I felt animosity for him once I knew him as much as he'd let me see. Now, I feel he's a miserable wretch of a man who possesses a personality and history opposite of everything I would hope that a successful architect would have. I recognize that everyone is different and every life unique, but it's how you treat people while on the journey that makes your life memorable to those who you cherish in the end. He now wants a career in music and sees the man who rents his converted porch space as a mentor. Good luck to you, dude.


Oh nice - plants in the yard. And you're asking for my opinion again? WTH.

There are bare spots in the from yard of Drama Boy's new house and I think it's just due to neglect on the part of a poor gardener's routines. The first thing I would do is reseed the bare spots and plant a row of flowers on either side of the flagstone walkway from the threshold to half way down the path to make more curb appeal. Otherwise, it looks like a large expanse of blah that runs into the neighbors yards.

And then he's asking me about trailing houseplants. The first one that comes to mind is pothos. It's a type of ivy, but doesn't look like ivy because of its heart-shaped leaves. Personally I like the golden pothos variety because of it's color varience, but to each his own. Later I also remember the creeping jew plant. I used to have one in my own bathroom for awhile when I had a bathroom with a window. Heh, I guess years of california agriculture class are good for something. Except I still kill tomatoes.

There is a lemon and an avacado tree in the backward and some bush near the corner of the house which I thought was a lemon but I think it's going to turn out to be lime or orange.

Cookies and cake

Sometimes life is like cookies and cake.

* You want cake, but you get cookies instead.
* You've got cake, but it doesn't taste as good as the cookies you remember.
* You've got cookies, but now that you've got a taste of something sweet, you find yourself wanting cake more and more.
* Sometimes a diet change is required because of all the cookies and cake you've consumed made you fat and lazy.
* Sweetener substitutes are a joke when you know what cookies and cake are like. Only real sugar will do.

... all analogies. Get the picture?

My opinion

You want my opinion? Are you sure? Because I really don't think you want my opinion. You can't handle my opinion. Sometimes my opinion is so harsh it makes people squirm and cry like things Simon Cowell says to contestants on American Idol. Sometimes my opinion simply falls on deaf ears, so why bother. Sometimes my opinion is heard and acknowledged but rarely acted upon, so why put forth the effort. Sometimes it's best to just be nice and keep my opinion to myself.

Another saga in my 16 hour long episode of 'Drama Boy: The Epic [insert your favorite adjective or noun here]'.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A trend of musicians and artists

Lately, or I should say in about the last 3-5 years, there has been a trend in my dating habits towards artistic, creative men, but mainly musicians. This is purposeful. During my 20's when most people would be living it up at college, I was a stay at home mom with one son. It was important to me to spend as much time with my son as I was able when he was little because I feel moms who do this set their children up to be a better people down the road. Stability and consistancy in a child's life is paramount to me. Since I felt I had little of it when I was a kid, I did not want that for my son.

So now my son is 20 and I'm try to get back into the things that I kind of feel I missed out on because I was busy playing mom. One of those things was music. I fancied myself to be artistic and musically inclined ever since my mom told me I was named after Judy Garland and I figured out I can sing. That woman had pipes and I can belt it out similarly. My tiny being can fill a room with voice as if I were on a Broadway stage. It's frightening to me to think about it.

I was always the art student through school taking higher classes that most and these had to be approved by the teacher because I had always excelled in this area. I struggled in Algebra 2, but in Home Handcrafts and Intermediate Art 3-4.

So artists flock to and travel among other artists and my tally I believe up to this point in time is one drummer, one pop god, one rock god, and I also befriended a girl bass player because she's just so dang nice and we have other things in common to talk about in life. Sometimes, I play merch girl and hock their CD's and buttons at the shows I attend.

I have also befriended 5 graphic artists within this same stretch of time. I don't know if its supposed to mean anything at all, but it makes me happy to see people be happy being creative and performing. Yeah ;*)

I'm tiny and I don't see the need to drink that much, thank you.

I really don't get why people drink alcohol so damn much. It baffles me. Maybe I'm more of a control freak than I am willing to admit, but I really don't like that drunk, buzzed feeling all that much.

My worst night in my life happened with Cognac. That shit is nasty. I don't understand who anyone can drink that. I got so sick on that (and so did my gf, btw) we were out of it for almost a week. It was a horrible experience and I have not been back there since. It made me not drink for months aftewards.

I'm good with two cocktails, thank you. Three and I'm a happy drunk. Four and get out of the way of the bathroom. I don't think I've ever had five in one sitting, but if I do I know for a fact that I'd be legally drunk at two in one hour.

Are people's lives so dang bad they have to escape reality by drinking? It it really all about the escape and not the living and improvement of one's self and situation in life? Or is that just too damn hard?

Demon Rat Dog

I grew up with big working dogs around the house as a kid so it's no wonder that's what I'd perfer if I had one now. Bloodhounds, Labs, Spanials, Sheppards, Great Danes, etc. You get the picture. I don't have a dog now though because I know they are lots of work and cats don't demand so much of your energy and time. That works for me.

Drama Boy has got a Chihuahua. Its ancestors were bred originally for ceremonial sacrifices by the Aztecs and Toltecs. The Chihuahua is named after the Mexican state. It's origins can be dated back to antiquity. This dog is classified as one of the Toy Dog Group. The Chihuahua was first Registered by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1904.

I nicknamed it Rat Dog. I generally don't get along with yappy, nervous things very well. This animals tries my patience. As a puppy, it used to sleep in a doggie bed in the corner of it's master's bedroom, but in the middle of the night, would curl up on the amster's bed to get warm. In the middle of a hot summer night, you can imagine what people do and we fell asleep in the bed with only a sheet covering two naked bodies and I woke up straight away to a cold nose and a lick on my brown eye. I felt defiled and disgusted. Damn ass dog. Then in the morning, I could not find my underwear. The dog was using it as a chew toy in his doggie bed that night.

I was so shaken by it, I couldn't talk about it for like a week and finaly told him what had happened and he just laughed. It was over a year and a half later that he tried to contact me since moving to Long Beach.

On the way out, rat dog bit me on the hand because I tried to get between him and his master. I hate that demon dog. f*ck.

Cool little house - now what?

I got to see Drama Boy's cool little house he bought in the American Heights section of Long Beach. How to describe it... late 1950's suburban, detached garage in the back. Tiny rooms, pink tiled main bathroom which mostly looks original, refinished oak wood floors. The porch is built out to another room next to the kitchen, there is no dishwasher or pantry, but he does have a washer/dryer stack in a washroom. So the configuration now is 3 bdr/2bth. I think the sq footage might be a tad more than mine, but he's got a nicer yard. Kudos!

Ooh yeah! - I just noticed he's blocks away from Vets Stadium where they hold the Antiques and Collectibles Show once a month. I wonder if he's felling up to that?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Am I sick or am I sick?

If you have a sore throat, are you sick? Probably not - it's just sore. But with congestion, sneezing and a productive cough, yes, in my book that is definialtely sick. Drama Boy could not decide if he was really sick enough or not in order to attend a friends birthday party. Why am I here and he's sick? He always does this to me and I think unconsciously, he wants me to take care of him when he's feeling down. I think the last time I saw him, he had the flu. If he stopped dipping, a disgusting habit he picked up in college playing baseball, maybe he wouldn't be so sick all the damn time. You see, he slept with the window open all night which normally would not be a problem if it was the middle of the summer, but lately it's been foggy and cold in the morning. The cold, moist air crepted into his room while the window was open and went right to his throat. I know for a fact I cannot sleep with an open window at my place because the same thing happens to me when I do.

Before I left on Saturday morning, I made a store run to buy Sudafed, Cold-eze and orange juice for me sick friend. The local Girl Scouts were selling cookies, too, so I bought a box of Thin Mints. I hope I got out of there before I caught anything.

I can't shop at my local PetCo anymore

Immediately after dinner at China Palace, we hop into my car and jet over to PetCo a few blocks away. Drama Boy is in need of a new doggie door for his rat dog and he had put me in charge of the printout of the one he likes that he found on the PetCo website. I just hoped they had the same styles in-store. You know how flaky stores can be with that sometimes. Target is notorious about web only items, but they are clearly marked.

O.K., so we walk in and I head for the dog area because 1) I can read and 2) I know the store while he's accosting the help to enlist them on his quest for doggie doors. We both locate the display at the endcap at about the same time. They have two materials to choose from and three sizes so that's a one in six choice, right? He can't decide whether his rat dog would prefer the medium door over the small door. I think from a home security standpoint, I'd get the small one to inhibit illegal entry by utilizing said door to reach inside and unlock the backdoor. Now he wants to open the box to see what's inside. I'm rolling my eyes at this point but trying to hold my composure because I feel if I stay neutral, maybe this fiasco will end quicker. The sight is stressing me out and full of chinese food I now have to go to the bathroom bad. The clerk tells me its located past the bird section, to the right through double doors.

I conduct my business in the bathroom and walk to the checkout stands thinking he'd be done and paying for his items, but no! I walk further, again, over to the display area and now he's got three people helping him, he's talking about playing in bands in LA, doing is PR thing, and has got two boxes open. He's also located the display samples and fondling them as well. I'm amused and slowly becoming mentally exhausted watching him get the store help into a tizzy and generally making a spectacle of himself. O.K., decision made, his first choice - yes, and how he's onto to toys, treats, snacks, and weird lamb meat packaged in a sausage tube. After checking out, he makes a sexist comment about the sausage shaped lamb dog food and I tell him it's not funny.

Back at his pad, he later pulls out of his pocket a phone number of one of the girls that was helping him at PetCo saying her husband plays bass, yadda. yadda, etc. Can't take him anywhere and I probably can't shop at my local PetCo anymore know the girls will want to talk about his shit again. Gees.

Movies, movies, movies

After dinner, Drama Boy realizes that he is truly feeling too ill to attend a birthday party at a bar his friends are at and decides rest and relaxation at home is called for. He makes vodka drinks and tells me to pick out a movie. It's Saturday night and I'm feeling my need for crime drama. I pick,"The Usual Suspects". SOB, Benicio Del Toro looked so good in that movie, mmm. We get maybe 30 minutes into the film and Drama Boy and I get to talking about movies in general and I said I picked this one because I have not seen it before, but I like sci-fi. He says go pick a sci-fi. I go to the hall wall where the movies are and I'm struggling because to be honest with you, he's got more chick flicks than I do. So it takes me about 10 minutes to peruse through his disorganization and I find "The Core" and "Matrix Reloaded". He decides my first choice is sufficient now we're on a discussion about his electronics set-up and we are getting blasted with the four various bass booster settings he's demonstrating. Yes, it's loud, and it sounds fine. Now I realize his ears are plugged up from his cold because it's booming and I find the remote and turn it down a little. In between this all, his little rat dog is also providing its own brand of entertainment trying to settle itself. We end up watching the entire movie chatting and chilling out until 4AM'ish and crash.

Chinese Hell

Drama Boy says he's got to cash his check and then find some food because he hasn't ate anything all day. I sympathize. We rush back to Orange County to deal with his check and the bank in is a grocery store next to Sam Woo Restaurant. He said it smelled good when we were walking in and then I told him my prior experience about a lunchtime meal when a friend from work and I went there (me for the very first time) and I found a full on roasted pig head-to-tail staring me down in the glass viewing case under heat laps when you first walk into the place. For Americans, this is a shock. And this shock makes you not want to eat there. We are accustomed to preparing our meat until it's indistinguishable from which animal it came from without having to review the attached butchers label and variety meats are not high on our list for consumption at all.

So we walk in and he takes a look around and decides it smells good, but walking in a cafateria line for dinner is not his style. O.K., I quickly default to my local fave, China Palace.

I've lived in Tustin since 1994, so I've been to this place tons of times. I like it - it's consistant, reliable chinese dishes and the service is quick. Geminis were born to complain, so I had to sit through dinnertime listening to Drama Boy gripe about getting one small cup of steamed rice instead of a large soup bowl portion and the fact that when he lived in HB, there was a chinese food place there he adored and they had better food and delivery service, too. Dude, if you wanted to eat there, you should have said something to me. You never said anything where you wanted to go until you stepped into the door. Eww!

Long Beach perspectives

I was born in Long Beach, California, right before the official start of summer in 1966. Actually, my birthday was Sunday as well as being Father's Day. What father would not want a bouncing baby girl on his day to remind him of fatherhood, right?

There is a statistic I read or heard somewhere that most people before the industrial revolution and a good portion of the poor population today live within 50 miles or so from where they were born. I just about fit into that statement having grown up in Fontana, California.

Now that I am able to travel, I find that I don't. I like home. I like where I live and I have that same feeling for Long Beach. For some, a big scarey place or a vacation destination... a place to party at Shoreline Drive or elsewhere, see The Queen Mary or Aquarium of the Pacific but for me, it feels comfortable like putting on your favorite almost wornout pair of Levi's jeans. It's there and it feels good.

Drama Boy feels otherwise. He sees it as a place where his HB friends have migrated to once the long lingering beach parting has past it's prime and family life takes over. Well, the real estate is cheaper there, so it's no wonder families flock there.

Material in abundance

I spent a good 16 hours yesterday with "Drama Boy" (name changed to guard his ego, but definiately knows I think of him in this way). This is someone who has popped into and out of my life with varying degrees of inconsistancy for about five years now. He's a Gemini with a twist of Taurus - intelligent, well educated, well traveled and somewhat opinionated that is pure blog fodder for me to observe and gather a wealth materal to write about.

1. Long Beach perspectives
2. Chinese Hell
3. Movies, movies, movies
4. I can't shop at my local PetCo anymore
5. Am I sick or am I sick?
6. Cool little house - now what?
7. Demon Rat Dog
8. I'm tiny and I don't see the need to drink that much, thank you.
9. A trend of musicians
10. My opinion
11. Cookies and cake
12. Plants
13. The end.

See what I mean?

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Sunday, I also finished installing the rubber moulding in my bathroom. Can you believe it? I left it half done for awhile.

Now, I need to tackle the rubber moulding in the main bathroom. Lowe's did not carry the 'dove' tannish color I bought last time like what I installed in my bathroom and I did not like the military gray, so I bought chocolate. I hope I bought enough to complete that project.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

One down, only 847 more projects to go...

I installed my new kitchen light today. It only took me 6 months from when I bought it till today. What an ordeal. I could not use the standard setting screws to mount the base. And I only found this out half way through the project, so it was like putting the same lamp up twice. I had to drill one hole in my ceiling and use toggle bolts in order to mount the base. Once I figured it out, it went quick but it took two naps and getting through breakfast and lunch before I decided how to complete the task. But it's done. Two less pieces of clutter in my living room - the box for the light fixture and the 4-pack of energy efficient bulbs. Yeah!

Friday, March 7, 2008

You take the good with the bad

So the good news is that I got a call from a temp agency about filling a position with a consultant company regarding Fannie Mae. The jobs hopefully starts ASAP. I'll know for sure next week.

The bad news is that since it was in the mid 80's today, this was the first time I have turned on my a/c in my car in a while and it didn't work. It was blowing room temperature air.

I took it to my local Chevrolet dealership in about 15 minutes because they said Friday afternoons are dead and they tell me the compressor is out, there is only one in all of Orange County and they have to hold the car to start the work, and it won't be until Monday when I can get my car back. $800. Ouch! But there is no way I can drive on the freeway for any extended length of time without it now that the weather is turning into spring like conditions, so I gotta do it.

I left my blue mobile in the care of Tustin Chevrolet and hoof it home. It took about an hour to walk home from the dealership. I looked at the path I took on Google Maps just because I was curious to see how far I really walked. It was 2.5 miles. Today, I'm happy for the fact that I'm not so out of shape that I cannot walk for an hour straight and make it home.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feds release flood in Grand Canyon - Environment -

Feds release flood in Grand Canyon - Environment -

Isn't it ironic that the same river that was dammed up by the federal government for the benefit of humans for power and water now has to be flooded ever-so-often for the benefit of ecology.

You should know about the humpback chub and all the other wildlife that needs to be preserved for that matter in the Upper Colorado River.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weather troubles voters in Ohio

My friend Rich reports that he is sitting in traffic that is moving at a snails pace because of a driving storm of snow and sleet that has blanketed most of Ohio today. He is in the process of traveling from Cleveland to his home in Cincinnatti. He thinks it will take him upwards of three hours.

I told him that Hillary is counting on his vote today. I hope the weather is better in Texas than it is now in Ohio.

Bad weather is just one of the reasons why I now choose to vote by absentee ballot. I have done so for years. Prior to signing up for it, during the last presidential election, I remember being sick as a dog with the flu lying on the couch and not being able to make it to my poling place. It was the same year that Bush ran against Gore and experienced the recount in Florida and we all learned new vocabulary words- "hanging chad". Never again. I want my vote to be counted. It's something I feel is important because I'm an American and American have the right to vote.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Tomorrow, I have my WIA Orientation meeting. I hope that this thing works out for me because it's almost been 4 whole months since I've been laid off and I'm getting kinda antsy about it. I want to stay here for now and live my life and not suffer for my career choice.

I'm pretty confident that the mortgage industry is at it's lowest now in terms of employment numbers in a long damn time with all the lay-offs and company closures. My one girlfriend who used to work with me at ResMAE but quit due to some personality conflicts with a new boss, is now temping at Option One Mortgage. That company has been on the verge of sale for so long, its ridiculous. She said for me to go and apply there, but it's like trading a Ford Comet for a Pinto to me. I don't know about that even though she's been there for over a year.

If given the opportunity, I'd like to be retrained in a stable career. I'm thinking bookkeeping because I've been a teller before so I don't think it's that far of a stretch for me to attain. I always see accounting and bookkeeping jobs in the newspaper, too. We'll see how tomorrow goes...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Four months down

Thursday, March 6th, will be four months since I lost my job due to a company closure. As my local One-Stop counselor labeled me a "dislocated mortgage worker", and I think that I need some help is getting on with my life and finding a new career because the mortgage industry has pretty much dried up here in Orange County. I've got an appointment with WIA on Tuesday to see what that's all about. They offer re-training for people like me with no college degree who cannot find work in their normal industry due to lay-off ... etc ... etc ..., but I do not know the details of the program. I hope I can qualify for it.

Yes, I think I would like to take advantage of the program if I qualify because I have had 5 interviews within the 61 applications/resumes that I have filed with companies in both Orange and Los Angeles county for these past almost 4 months now. I'm afraid of running out of unemployment insurance funds and still not having a job and then running through my savings and losing my home in the end. I do not want that. I do not want to become part of the foreclosure statistics.

A Windy Day

I hate the wind. It immediately takes me back to childhood memories of living in a wind blown desert town enveloped by the hot Santa Anas.

When in grade school, one of my earliest memories was the wind howling in the eucalyptus tree that were the wind break which bordered my home to the north. I could not sleep well on those nights. In the morning, branches and bark would regularly be found all over the place with the dust and debris the wind tossed about the night before. I have those howling sounds permanently ingrained into my psyche now and they stir each time when the wind blows.

When in high school, I remember one time after a new gym roof was finished, it somehow found its way to the blacktop in pieces because of the Santa Ana winds and shoddy workmanship which lacked tar. Sheets of torn roofing materials and roofing nails danced around the volleyball courts like tissue paper. We were all sent home from school that day due to liability reasons.

Also when in high school, I had to walk a little over a mile home from school with a book bag backpack that was probably close to half my bodyweight. My girlfriends and I would walk toward the wind in a degreed stance in order to stay standing on our feet. Dust would be found in places you didn't even think the wind would of touched, but it did leaving its dusty fingerprint behind.

I think that my one cat named Girlie hates the wind almost as much as I do. From the time of being a kitten until today, she will meow in discust as the trees wiggle to her dismay. I really think she's pissed off because she does not hear the birds chirping when it's windy.

I know my son is also a casuality of the wind. too, sneezing when the dust stirs. I can hear him now from where he is sitting infront of this computer in his room.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hooray for Geek Girls!

Gina Hughes the self-proclaimed "Techie Diva" of Yahoo's Tech blog section is a great read for someone like me who enjoys all the gizmos, gagets, and uniqueness that comes from being enthralled with electronics and the internet.

She especially caught my attention this morning while I was enjoying my morning coffee by writing "Cosmo says: Apple store is the best place to meet men". In lieu of having to trapse all the way over to Fashion Island or Crystal Court to prove a point inorder to cruise my nearest Apple stores, I have a MicroCenter no more than a few miles away from my home. Keep your head down and you're almost assured no one will speak to you - male or female. Keep your head up and monitor the crowd as if you were their in-store detective and someone is bound to walk up to you and atleast ask if you need any help.

I've been to this store now though so many times, that I just walk in and get what I want and head to the cashier area. The only time I linger is when I have a large purchase to make because I have to wait for a sales person to prepare the pre-sales ticket.