Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Halloween is not like all the others

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those on the East coast dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

The greater tri-state area was hit hard. Some places harder than hard. Some people lost everything. The NYC MTA was crippled by the flooding. The stock market was closed for two days.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

At the Movies

I went to the movies on Friday night with my cheapskate lunch date, who bought me a pretzel and Coke at the Arclight. A change in theater numbers left us in the lobby for a bit before the earlier show had ended. We chatted about food, family and work. The concessions stand,  I think, is selling breakfast sausages (chicken and mango and jalapeno or apple) like they sell at Costco by Aidells. Fancy. We had to ask for the mustard because there are no condiments in the lobby anymore.

Argo was almost sold out and he didn't like the remaining seats or the later start time, so we saw Looper. It was the second time for me. I caught more of the details this time around and had to explain the story to my friend who viewed it for the first time.

I'm still looking forward to seeing:

Cloud Atlas, opening 10/26
Killing them Softly, opening  11/30

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interview Day

It's rare that I get to interview these days because of the nature of the work I do and the unique skill set I possess. I was intrigued by an ad posted for a position from a certain mortgage company in Foothill Ranch, but I found it odd that they wanted to interview me for a different position.

So I get the call from HR and them they tell me I have to take two tests online before I fill out my application. Initially, I felt kind of insulted that a person with my experience would have to take a test before I could interview. One was a PI test and another was Wonderlic. I did them anyway then filled out the online application. I'll play the game. I'm  a good test taker.

I applied for a different position, but was contacted by HR about the Collateral Team Lead. I checked their careers website the night before my interview to find many, many more job postings plus the head of credit,  transaction legal and Sr. treasury were gone, so I didn't have a good feeling about the company going in. Even though I have 20 years experience working with collateral, I still had to take yet a third online personality test before my interview. I guess experience is not enough.

Then I met with an operations manager in a sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers who stated she had jumped around the office doing "project clean-up", what I do wasn't her field of expertise and then she divulged more proprietary company information than I needed to be told during an interview which was shocking so I decided to ask questions. Thirty minutes later, she ended the interview and I decided they don't know what they're doing nor do they care about post closing activities. The processes described made me want to scream in fright and run away.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hidden Powers of Your Mouse | Upgrade Your Life - Yahoo! News

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Hidden Powers of Your Mouse | Upgrade Your Life - Yahoo! News
You use your mouse for just about everything: you drag, you drop, you highlight, you scroll. But even if you click your mouse a thousand times a day, I bet I've got a few secret mouse tricks you've never heard of. Click Tricks You surely know that double clicking highlights a word, and you might [...]
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