Friday, February 25, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation

Actually, I was thinking about my pending trip to NY and trolling through graveyards for ancestors right before I woke up from sleeping on the couch and realized I was hungry. It was Friday night and well past when I normally eat dinner. I thought making up a dish of yaki soba with some vegetables was a good idea. And it was until I decided to use the nifty mandolin slicer for a carrot and my right thumb got in the way. I lopped off about 1/3rd of the tip right next to the nail. It didn't bleed much at first since I was applying direct pressure immediately after it happened, but then when I went to the bathroom to find a bandage, I decided to run some cold water over it which stopped any clotting that previously occurred and the sight of my dark red blood dripping into the white porcelain bathroom sink was enough to make me realize this was kind of serious so I better pay attention to what I was doing. I grabbed some toilet tissue and again began applying direct pressure to the wound and the bleeding stopped. I placed a bandage over the cut.

I had to change the bandage a few times throughout the weekend. I kept hitting it wanting to use it, but I couldn't. You never know how much you use your thumbs until you can't. Buttoning my Levi's, my wool coat, using the fob for my car alarm, the remote for the tv... these were the most annoying tasks to perform without the full use my thumb. Ouch!

After babying it over the weekend, I'm using it a bit more, but it still smarts. The wound doesn't look that bad.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yay me.

On 02/18/2011, I got ROTD on for writing about when I shopped at 99 Ranch Market and found fish balls for sale. Yay me.

Today, I had my annual review at work. I did good and got a raise. Yay me.

I also went to lunch at the sushi place across the street and ended up talking about fashion to a lady that's probably, I'm guessing, almost 20 years older than me. It's nice that I don't have to talk shop on break sometimes.

I think I've finally got this low energy thing figured out. I've got to keep eatting and take mega doses of vitamins, too, and I feel a bit better. Yay me.

I have to make plans for my mothers funeral. Boo.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Automobile Accident Deterrant

So I'm driving to work north on the 405 freeway and in front of me is this newish blue BMW. I love the color blue so I'm immediately attracted to this object and I want to see who's driving it, so I accellerate to get closer. And as I'm following this car, I notice that as the closer I get, there is this smell - more like an odor in the air that's a combination of farts, cigarette smoke and body odor. The smell is so strong, it's got me saying Oh My God and Damn in my car for that reason alone and I backed off. I choose not to follow so closely after that. Could you imaging if everyone's car stank like something fierce that no one would drive so close and that there would be alot less auto accidents?  It was sad but at the same time funny, too. I wonder if this guys has any clue?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

An uneventful month. And then...

Lots of things have been running around in my head this past month. Like how I've got to buckle down at work because pissing people off is not going to make them see things my way. Like how I feel so free now that both of my parents have passed on. Like how anything I do, good or bad, pass or fail is really only meaningful to me whatever it may be. And like how I really need to liquidate all the crap of my mom's I stuffed into a storage unit. Sell-sell sell.

And just when I thought things were going to get nice and boring for a good long while, Pancho pokes his head above the huddled masses after years of no contact and wants to meet me for lunch. But it's not lunch. And I'm on his menu. I know I should be flattered, but instead I'm slightly repulsed. It's a strange feeling to have. I don't want to be used, I want to be loved. I guess that's what I'm shooting for and he's not it. He's Mr. Right Now and not the right guy for me.

I'm not dating right now. I've got too much crap to take care of. I need to get back to my happy place and I'm not working towards that right now. Kinda just marching in place.