Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Pirates of the Caribbean?

Today, yet another executive decided to part ways with my current employer. I think this is announcement #3 of similar doings. Why do I get this sinking feeling that the rats are swimming away from a ship slowly taking on water but still bobbing in the waves?

I talked to my manager about straightening out the collateral processes. It's going to piss off some people, but I don't care. Step up or step aside.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Random musings for 3/22

- I'm glad health care reform passed congress last night. I'm wondering when it's effects will kick in for me or my family.
- It's weird when I'm trying to carry on a text convo with one guy on my laptop when another one calls me and I really don't want to talk to either of them all that much.
- car #2 was my choice today in order to avoid having to sit next to someone with their dog in a luggage carrier in the train.
- pumellos rock
- worked on the patio a bit over the weekend again. Now I know I need 31 more red cement bricks for the landing.
- My eye appt is on Saturday. I'm pretty sure my prescription went up. And I'm going to get rid of these stupid trifocals.
- I wish there was better lighting in car wash stalls so I could see what I missed before I was finished.
- Made a baked whole chicken and root vegetables for dinner. Classic Sunday dinner choice.
- I caught another fare cheater. There's no way to report that?
- I'm going to try and knock out two boxes for imaging today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Life on the Train

The first time I was traveling home on the train, it was a rainy night. My manager waled with me and we sat on the same bench trying to make small talk. At the Avation stop, the train went dead. We had the option of waiting for the train to get fixed, waiting for the next train, getting on the bus, or killing time. As I was looking around to see what there was to do, I spotted a liquor store and a strip club. Neither one seems appropriate for me to walk into with my boss or have him see me go to the, so I decided to wait it out for the next train. At least I wasn't sitting in traffic on the freeway in the rain. I still. Don't have much of an idea who he is. I've just decided to do my job and leave him alone.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shit! I missed it!

Yelp bestowed me with my second ROTD yesterday, but for the car wash review? I don't think it was one of my strongest writing efforts, but I guess they liked it. *Shrug*
Re: Riding the bus changes her view

Yeah, that article is pretty light and fluffy, if you ask me. There is so much more to consider when riding public transportation other than people staring you down and annoying the driver. Geesh. How about - weather issues and how to dress, personal safety, it's cheaper than driving, I rather see the elderly on the bus than behind the wheel and wear some damn gloves and wash your hands. Screw keeping hand sanitizer companies in business. That shit is such a waste of money. Also, I must say - drunks on the bus are annoying to everyone who's not. People like that give Southern California a bad name. Go back to Indiana. Oh, wait, now that your parents cut you off, you'll have to sell all your shit on craigslist and take Greyhound. And you thought the regular bus was interesting... LOL. /rant.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Damn Wind

It was cold and windy today. So windy in fact, there was a damn wind advisory for Southern California. And so cold, I decided to drive to work instead of taking the train. Fuck freezing on those damn platforms. Not me. When the weather warms back up again, that's when I'll take the train again to work. 60 degrees or more: OK for train travel, 55-60 degrees: questionable, 55 degrees or less: hell no. There are no heaters on the train!

I took a wrong turn off of the 105 freeway today and because of the way the traffic is so highly controlled around LAX, I found I couldn't make a u-turn until I was all the way in Culver City. By that time, I could turn left. Then I had to back track back to El Segundo through parts of Culver City, Westchester, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, past Loyola Marymount University and somehow found my way onto Vista Del Mar (right above the beach but it's not PCH) which turned into Highland and intersects with Rosecrans which is where my office is off of. My "detour" added an additional 20 miles to my commute, I'm sure. I walked into the office 5 minutes before 8AM.

There is only thing I hate worse than being cold and that's the wind. I moved from Fontana to get away from the damn wind. Maybe I need to move to a biosphere where there's no damn wind. Or outer space, where no one can hear you scream about the damn wind because there is none.

I think the wind was even affecting my co-workers. Everyone was all yelling and shit and I hate that. You don't have to yell at work. The normal level of noise is good enough. Sometimes, I have to remind then to simmer down because they do get all worked up about this or that. Just fix it and shut the hell up.

Linda who?

This is just a random list of songs I heard on my favorite rock XM channels and sung to and from work today - second soprano, all the way.

Linda Ronstadt - When will I be loved?
The Carpenters - Sing a Song
Styx - Best of Times