Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Conflict of Interest?

I just read I can't be an Elite if I maintain a business listing (as a Notary) on, so I closed the business account. That sucks.


2009 Thanksgiving Menu:

Roasted Turkey Breast
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Roasted Carrots
Steamed Cauliflower with Parmesan Cheese
Sweet Potato Pie
Cranberry Jelly

My Thanksgiving Day started at 6AM and me on the road to go pick-up my mom from El Cajon who decided it was OK to have Thanksgiving with me this year, especially after her recent heart trouble.

I returned back home with mom in tow, a bag of crochet and a change of clothes at 10AM. It took me about an hour to prep and two hours to cook. We ate at 1PM. It was me, my son and my mom.

We later went to Walgreen's in search of cracked heel ointment with emu oil. No luck. Walgreen's doesn't carry it anymore. I use it to alieve the exema on my right hand that develops on and off due to stress.

Anyway, I cleaned the house more while the food was cooking and then mom went to sleep in my bed. I slept on the couch and watched TV until about 10PM which was probably too late. My throat was achy and my eyes were burning which meant I was toast and needed rest.

The next morning, I made coffee for the both of us and left for El Cajon at about 7:45AM. Mom wanted to go to Fresh and Easy so we found one on the way to her house. This one was located near Lake Murray.

I got back home by 1PM.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Life, Part 2

A friend called me last night and wanted to talk about a situation he's in. Sadly, after hearing his plight, what he's going through is nothing new and it's something I have heard men complain about before. After years of marriage, his wife is unhappy and won't take action herself to fix a sexual dysfunction in their relationship. And she thinks that the problem is everything else but her own behavior. She points fingers at this, that or the other thing and the man is at a loss because he can't fix her. This situation my friend's in is compounded by the fact that his wife is quickly loosing her identity as a mother because her son is 18, grown and not a baby anymore and she doesn't know what to do with herself now. She's had the luxury of being a housewife and now she has no one to fuss over but her husband and she knows if she fusses over him, he's going to take it as she's interested in him sexually and she's not. So she doesn't put forth any affection whatsoever to show him she loves him anymore. He's at that certain point of frustration where something's got to change.

I was glad to hear he said he has an appointment to go to counseling with her because he thinks his marriage to her is worth working on, but if she turns marriage counseling down and refuses to go, it makes you wonder what's going on in her head and her life that he doesn't know about because he's at work.

Easy Auto Maintenance: Changing the Air Filters on my '07 Chevy Equinox

This entry is a reminder to myself that doing these two things at every other interval my oil is changed on my car saves me $43. Jiffy Lube wanted to charge me $80 for parts and labor and I said, "No, I'll do it myself."

1. In Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Open the hood on the engine compartment. This filter is located under a plastic shroud the covers the air filter on the passenger side towards the fire wall. There are three pop pins in the engine compartment to remove and two that are exposed to the exterior near the windshield wiper blade. Once the pop pins are removed, you can take off the shroud and see the filter. There are no clips holding it in, it's just kind of wedged in there. Take it out and replace it. Return the shroud to it's original position, reinstall the pop pins and you're done.

2. Main Air Filter Replacement

Open the hood on the engine compartment. This filter is located under a square plastic shroud that covers the air filter near the intake manifold on the passenger side near the front of the car. There is a large black accordion tube with clamps on either end. Loosen the clamp that is attached to the intake manifold. Also unfasten the two clips on the box in which the the accordion tube is connected to. Remove the tube from the intake manifold and  then the shroud and remove the dirty air filter. When replacing with a new air filter, note that there is a tab on the edge to use as a guide in it's proper placement. Align the guide and drop the filter into place. Replace the shroud, fasten clips the box and insert the accordion tube back onto the intake manifold. Use a flat head screwdriver at the rubber block to push the tube back into it's proper position, if needed. Tighten the clamp and you're done.

Doing these two things at every other interval my oil is changed on my car saves me $43. Jiffy Lube wanted to charge me $80 for parts and labor and I said, "No, I'll do it myself."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year... yeah right.

I wish 30 days before a holiday was the limit on decor, hype and such. It's just way too over commercialized for my taste anymore. Xmas trees in the shops before Halloween... It's as though the holiday "season" starts right after Labor day and doesn't quit until the after new years sales events are over.

And how dare you call the holidays a "season". A season is when the weather has distinct changes, not when a date on the calendar guilts you into buying things for people that they probably don't need or want in the first place.

And now for something you'll really like...

I woke at 6AM and the water was turned off. I'm glad I didn't have to be anywhere this morning. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I'm glad it's back on after 2 1/2 hours.

It reminded me that we live in a place where we take for granted that public utilities are always on and functioning properly.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Everybody's got an agenda. Everybody's got a motive. It took two phone calls and two emails to figure out someone wanted me to work for them for nothing and they wanted me to use my own money as well to promote their book. Yeah, that football book I wrote about before about my hometown. I was hung up on. My feelings weren't hurt and I really don't care. Hire a marketing firm and stop bugging me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Job? What job? Part 2

My son went to an interview at BevMo. So many people applied, they conducted a group interview outside their front door. There was 12 people. My son got a callback for the background check and drug screening at 5:30PM while he was at school. He returned home after the manager went home so he didn't get the info he needed. The next day he called in, he said there were no hours available to place him on the schedule. It seems the 11 other people may have called in. Grrr. Getting and education is tough if people don't have a cell phone. He gave his up a few weeks ago because he couldn't afford to pay for it anymore without having a job.

In Other News...

Read: ADAAA Notice

This is good news for people with Crohn's Disease. If it's an ADAAA approved disability, it must be taken seriously. I've never claimed to be affected until I worked for ResMAE and they were good to be about it. I always liked solitary work anyway, but I just wanted to sit by someone so being near the 30 day + collections team and REO was fine by me.

Job? What job?

So I get a call from a recruiter on Wednesday who tells me about a job and then Friday he calls to say an internal candidate is getting first dibs at the interview. Grrr.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crazy Dream #649,352

I had a dream. I was at a small mid-western church with an inter-racial wedding party. The woman was black, seeming shorter than I was and she had her hair done in these beautiful medium ringlets. She was wearing an old fashioned white wedding dress with lots of hand made lace and these white shoes from the late 1800's. I think I was the wedding planner and I was making sure that the Notary was present to officiate the marriage of these two people I don't even know. Someone asked the bride if she had gotten the marriage license and for no reason at all, she hadn't. And the last words I heard said to me was I don't know that man (of the Notary who was sitting in a line of wooden chairs chatting with people sitting next to him ), he's not in the play book.

Now this dream may be stemming from the fact that I just re-connected with a girl from my past and found out that she lives in Wichita, KS, the same place I'm going to be sending a baby blanket I'm making shortly because another friend from school lives in the same town. And the term "play book" to me, only comes from the sport of football and I'm not a huge fan of it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's not the most wonderful time of the year. It's the bleak dating season. Ever since November hit, no man is choosing to communicate with me. ACK. I know it's the holidays that's doing it and it will probably continue like this until Christmas is over. Why? There's nothing worse than having to spend time with someone you don't like all that much or even to have to buy a present for them. Yeah, I get that. And then once NYE rolls around, it's you're choice to either sleep through it or share it with someone.What am I feeling now? Just cold and lonely, but I won't settle for anything less than someone who is worthy of my love and affections. So stop messaging me Spaniard. It just ain't gonna happen. Nor with your freaky footie friend either.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frank Sinatra

I titled this entry "Frank Sinatra" because he was a pig headed old man who did not take good care of his health and ultimately died of a heart attack. He's buried in plot B-8 #151 at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City, CA.

My mom returned to her home last Thursday from having an additional 2 stents installed  next to her heart - this time one big and one small. This brings her grand total up to 6. I would probably have not known this if it wasn't for the efforts of her best friend Rose who called me at the last go with the same issue.

So this time, Wednesday before the procedure, she picked up the phone and called me to tell me what was going on. I went to Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa on Thursday thinking she would be in for another day, but they released her at about Noon on Thursday. I followed her home because she drove herself to the hospital. I took her to the pharmacy twice. Once to deliver the laundry list of drugs she now has to take and once for a pick up. She's up to 15 different medications, 14 of which she takes regularly. The 15th is nitroglycerin she only takes as needed. I made her lunch of tilapia fried in olive oil and a broccoli slaw salad.

She is a great example of what happens to women when they don't take great care of their health. She is the atypical American who only worries about health when something goes wrong, if even that. She is also one of those people who think if you ignore the problem, it will go away. Too bad that's not the case with being overweight and all it's associated diseases.

Obesity leads to diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Diabetes leads to heart disease and stroke. Heart disease and stroke leads to death. After having to deal with my mom and her issues, it lead me to think of what happened with my dad. A man who worked until his health got to the point where his potential employer said you're a liability until you get your health in order. At that point, he had a belly button hernia, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure from years of being overweight and diabetes. He claimed he had congestive heart failure, but I think it was just the diabetes showing it's ugly in the form of high cholesterol and heart disease he didn't want to face. He had a stroke when he was 70 at work when no one else was around and died three weeks later in the hospital of complications of his diabetes. He had cirrhosis of the liver from the cholesterol medication he was taking for years and his kidneys failed. At some point, he was just bleeding from everywhere, because his body gave out. That's when I decided on comfort care for him and watched as he had is final heart attack and died right before my eyes.

But back to my lecture on my mom. I called her last night to check up on her and she hates the fact that she's on a ton of medications and I told her it stems from her having diabetes. I think she's had ot for a long time but she told me that she has only been treated for it for the last four years. Thank you Medicare. Now she's complaining about tingling in her one foot. Yup, that's diabetes for ya. She may only has been treated for a few years, but that tingling sensation tells me she's had it for a good long while and she doesn't do enough diet modification to keep it under control.

The human body is a funny thing. It mostly craves what is bad for it. That would be the holy grail of human anti-health... sugar, salt, grease, caffeine and alcohol.

What do you need to eat for optimum health? Vegetables, fruit, fish, chicken, whole grain and beans. After picking up and reading a few Thai cookbooks, I know it can be done because a whole culture eats like that. But again, the industrial revolution has effected how we eat. Even though I like to hop into my car and drive to far flung places to buy things, the industrial revolution wasn't generally a good thing for humans. But that is an entirely different discussion.

All I know is the better I eat, the better I feel and if I feel good, I'm more motivated towards life...