Monday, June 30, 2008

What the hell is she talking about?

I ate a piece of cheesecake today which was enjoyable and afterwards, I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would but I did have to do a boot scoot to the can more than once. And while I was sitting there in the restroom waiting for the inevitable, I was thinking about how I skipped my B12 shot this morning because I thought that I would feel discomfort most of the day at the shot site (rump) because of my desk job. To avoid being uncomfortable, I would perform the shot at night so I wouldn't feel the associated pain, if any, because I'd sleep through it. It occurred to me people like comfortable things and most of what is craved is not always the best thing for the human experience.


What if the earth was a big scientific beaker in biology department of galaxy university and the sun was the major heat source and the magma was the minor heat source and too much of either one is a bad idea regarding the human experiment and all the other creatures that developed on earth? What if the cravings for creature comforts of human beings with all of their development and evolution was not only killing them off, but the rest of the earth as well?

Acronyms killed the finance industry

...she said half jokingly. My proof? See below.

The List:
1003 - uniform residential loan application
2005 - Fannie Mae's MLS
2009 - Fannie Mae's Request for release of documents and receipt

ABS - Asset backed security
APR - annual percentage rate
ARM - adjustable rate mortgage

BK - bankruptcy

CDO - collateralized debt obligation
CDW - cancelled, denied, withdrawn
CUSIP - Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures

DDF - Fannie Mae’s Document Delivery Facility
DMSS - Document Management and Servicing
D1 - title policy
D2 - security instrument

ECOA - equal credit opporunity act
ERISA - Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

FDIC - federal deposit insurance corp.
FICO - Fair and Isaacs Corporation
FHA - Federal Housing Administration


HUD - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
HUD1 - Uniform Settlement Statement

IPO - initial public offering

LIBOR - London Interbank Offered Rate
LTV - Loan to Value ratio

MBS - mortgage backed security
MERS - mortgage electronic registration systems
MLS - mortgage loan schedule

NOD - notice of default
NOS - notice of sale

OCC - Office of Controler of Currency
OFAC - Office of Foreign Asset Control
OID - original issue discount
OTC - over the counter

P&I - principal and interest payment
PITI - principal, interest, taxes and insurance
PMI - private mortgage insurance
POA - power of attorney
PSA - pooling and servicing agreement
PUD - planned unit development

REIT - real estate investment trust
REMIC - Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit
REO - real estate owned
RESPA - Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
ROI - return on investment

SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission
SOX - Sarbanes-Oxley Act
SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

TIL - truth in lending document

VOE - verification of employment
VOR - verification of rent

WAC - weighted average cost
WAP - weighted average price

The Monday Morning Blog

What am I doing up at such an ungodly hour? Oh yeah, I went to bed early and I only sleep six hours at a time. I think it was three something and I watched TV for about 30 minutes before I hit the shower and washed my hair. I already knew I had to get out the door early today because I needed to get gas before going to work this morning.

I got ready and went to get gas at my favorite Chevron using my worldpoints card now and not the Chevron charge card because, hey, if you're going to gouge me for the gas, I might as well get something more out of it than a two hour tour to Simi Valley each morning.

I got to work at a little before 7AM. I thought about going to Albertson's to pick up some lunches, but I was thinking if it's too hot anyway, all I'll really want to eat is a simple sandwich and I can get that at the cafeteria any way I want it, so why bother?

Soon after I arrive, the contractors are here again to work on the wiring for the new expanded vault space that will be mine come July 3rd, or so they say. I only received shelf gripping dividers which is a problem because the bottom shelf was built with a kick panel, so the divider can't be used there. They do make those L shaped ones with the magnets on one side, but I did not see that any of those were provided. What to do? Email Maria and see... I'm waiting now on Brander, who I was referred to. La la la.

I should be in better spirits now since I got to chat with my friend Rich in the AM, a rare treat, and I've consumed a bagel and coffee.

I received a message from a high school classmate who put together a webpage for our graduating year. It's nice and I emailed her to thank her for her efforts. I would never have been so bold as to stand up for the entire class of 1984. Good for her. It will be 25 years in 2009 and mentioning that fact makes me feel old, but I know for a fact I've aged better than many, many of my fellow classmates. The proof will be when I see them at the reunion.

It's supposed to be 100 degrees in Simi Valley today and for the rest of the week, I think. I'm glad we have off for the holiday on Friday and I don't think it will be that hot in Tustin at all. I'm planning a bbq for me and my son.


Hebrew National Kosher Hotdogs (the best!)
Potato chips

Fruit Salad
strawberry jello cubes
cool whip
can Dole fruit cocktail, drained
sliced strawberries
sliced bananas

god, what else... maybe corn on the cob, too. I'll have to go to the store in the next few days.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I was confirmed

I knew the economy was bad here in Orange County. I knew it because there were so many jobs tied to the housing industry that disappeared in the last two years, there are still people not in their traditional and perferred choice of jobs. Now, today, i was confirmed because I read the same thing in the OC Register. I think they said it hasn't been this bad since 1991. I happened to move here in October 1992 when I thought I was sick of living in San Bernardino County and had no more opportunities there.

I mean, the last time I worked in Orange County, it was October 2007. I just got a contract job in March and I have been looking, but have got no job prospects lined up after this contracts ends this fall and that fact really bothers me. I've always been pretty good at living within my means and socking away money for a rainy day, but I never really planned to use it because I couldn't find work. I simply called it "savings" and had no real plan for it other than to pay down bills. I did that with all my credit cards, by the way. I have zero balances on my credit cards except for the gas card. I'm going to put that one away and begin to use my world points card and just pay that off monthly instead. If I have to pay for all the gas to get to and from Simi Valley each day, I might as well get something more out of it.

So I've been thinking of relocating, mildly. I also have been thinking about going to school to get a bookkeeping certificate to help me get my foot in the door to a new career. I also have been thinking about taking a vacation. If I'm going to have to take time off, I might as well enjoy it, right?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Economics, my way

I'm always getting asked how long does it take to drive home from Simi Valley to Tustin because everyone at work knows I live in Orange County and make this long trek to work each day. Yesterday was no exception. It takes anywhere from an hour to 4 hours, but the average is around 2.

I stayed late at work to deal with a security breach and I got to talking to the security guard Mosley who actually travels in the opposite direction that I do - that being east to work. I go east to go home. Anyway, he was asking about what time he thought I would get home because he said leaving later would have the drive easier. Hopefully.

I said I would be home in about an hour or so if I was able to drive at the speed of a low flying missile, approximately 80 MPH. It eats up my gas, I know, but I don't care - sometimes I just want to be home. And then we started to talk about the speed at which people drive. He said the speed limit should be higher so you wouldn't get as many tickets. Most people drive at speeds exceeding the posted limits anyway here in California. Most experienced drivers know they can safely go about 15 MPH above the posted speed limit.

I took that one step further. I said I think we should have no posted speed limits- on the freeways especially. This would be stimulating to the economy because almost immediately, all of the bad drivers, the poor drivers, the rotten drivers, the drivers with rolling wrecks under the ass would be eliminated due to death. Get out the tow trucks and then take those silly fucks off the road, total their cars, plan their funerals and that will get the death business pumped up and then you're left the rest. The rest of us meaning the one's who can drive fast and follow common courtesy and still not be moving hazards for other drivers.

I'm thinking German Autobahn. Yup. 120MPH would be common once the freeways are repaired of all the cracks and potholes. Large trucks would be forced to use train or surface streets because they really do a number to the pavement and would not be able to drive that fast either. I site as examples of diesel truck road damage: eastbound Edinger to northbound Ritchie - that left turn late is hell. I site any exit or entrance of Cherry Avenue off of the 10 freeway in Fontana, and I site the exit off of the 60 I think near the truck stop in Ontario. I think that is also near the Ontario Mills. The roads are a joke in California.

(On a side note: I get a kick when cities site homeowners for not clearing away brush around the perimeter of their house when the State of California does a lousy job of the same thing along their very own freeways. Get with the program and stop fires from developing along the freeways in the first place. Gees.)

So, people drive fast, bad drivers die, stimulates the medical and death industries, recycle the wrecks, have good drivers buying faster cars which stimulates the auto industry, good drivers get to where they are going in record time. Yeah!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yesterday, Oh Man!

Yesterday, I came to work not feeling so hot because I thought I was constipated, so I decided to just sip on tea and coffee all day and avoid the cafeteria which has been feeding me too well. I think I gained about 10 lbs since I started to work here, which is a lot for me considering I'm pretty tiny. I finally broke down out of sheer hunger at about 3:30PM and went to the vending machines because at that time the cafeteria was closed and I bought a bag of sour gummie worms for $1.50. I checked the ingredients for lactose and there was none. Yeah! This did not negate the fact that the other main components were mostly sugar.

I left work at my usual time of 5:00PM and by the time I got to my off ramp two hours later, I had this pain in the middle of my chest that was so strong, I couldn't decide if it was a heart attack or a panic attack. I was thinking on the way home that I needed to do something for my son's 21st birthday, but he was at school until almost 10:00PM, so I decided Tuesday would be better especially since I was feeling like hell. I drove home and parked my car, turned it off and assessed what I was feeling. I took a couple of deep breaths and got my gear out of the car and walked to my front door to let myself in.

After I got inside and as I shut the door, I burped this hellish burp and then the fun began. Gas-gas-gas like I have never has gas before. I took a few of the multi-symptom Rolaids, but they did little to help. It was not fun and I was up until 1:00 something AM dealing with my self-inflicted gas factory by eating mainly sugar on an empty stomach.

I didn't know if I was going to make it to work Tuesday because I didn't get enough sleep but at least my stomach stopped rumbling like from the night before. I did not dare eat anything before my 2 hour commute, so I sent a text message to my co-worker to say I was running late- leaving at 6:30AM and that I would be in the office by 9AM. I went to Albertson's before hitting work and bought some plain bagels, apple slices, wheat thins, salami and gum.

So sitting and thinking (because that's about all I have to do at work when it's slow and there is nothing to do but cruise the internet) about what transpired yesterday with me eating all of that sugar on an empty stomach and getting the most uncomfortable gas attack I have ever had in my life in return, I ran a query on Google on the words ' sugar and gas '.

Low and behold there is a correlation with the chemical reaction that occurred in my gut yesterday with sugar and gas. You won't even believe it when I tell you and it may even solve the high gasoline prices we've been experiencing lately.

Los Gatos Company Introduces Ethanol-Making Machine

...and here's another article about it on Gizmodo

Dear Commentator,

I had a dang useful comment applied last night to my 02/26/08 blog which told me about stainless steel hubs for my busted dishwasher wheels I was complaining about not being able to replace by utilizing a Maytag parts and service website.

J. Matthews reminds me of my dad = engineering metal parts that work because the solution is not cheap piece of molded plastic that's just going to break again. Thank you, Mr. Mathews. I will be checking into your website again just as soon as I can't stand the part malfunctioning because the glue won't hold anymore.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I used to buy Cosmopolitan off the news stands in my 30's. Then I decided I was wasting my money because for the most part, that magazine is written for entertainment of women and wasn't too useful at all. Then I changed to Real Simple.

So now and again in the internet, specifically,'s Relationship section, I'll find somewhat poinant articles about things I can relate to which originally came from - you guessed it - Cosmo.

This one kind of hit close to home...

Why Guys Marry Some Girls(But Not Others)


I went shopping today over at Marshall's in Irvine because I had not been there in awhile and it was next to Sprout's Market, so I could buy some fresh produce once I was done clothes shopping. Both places were super busy and had super air conditioning unlike my home - yeah. I may just have to break down and buy a unit this year... So anyway, trolling around the store, I first walked through the shoe isles, but did not find a 6.5 in a style my size, too bad. Then I was looking in all the small sections and not finding much of anything I liked. I was resigned to find something I was able to wear to work because I think I have enough casual wear, thank you. After crusing all the tops, I decided to try the dress rack. I couldn't get to where I needed to be to check out the size 4 because someone had parked their cart there, so I was going to wait when I looked up and saw an Anne Kline two piece suit in my size - wow. It was red tagged to move, so it should of been hiding on the clearance rack instead of the by the dresses - no matter. O.K., read tag - what is wrong with it? Upon carefull examination, both pieces had matching sizes - good. There is one button missing and a snag in the arm. But would it fit? Would it fit because this originally $160 now marked down to $59. suit was screaming at me, "Don't leave me on the rack - you can fix this! Try me on now!" I found the changing room, tried it on and the dang thing fit. After trying it on, I worked on the snag a bit in the dressing room and decided that I could fix it so it would be worth buying. Made my purchase and then put the suit in the car.

So I then went shopping at Sprouts and got my fresh produce and headed to Joann's for buttons. I found a new set of similar matching buttons for $5 which made me happy. What a find. Sometimes it pays to be a 2P.


Pan seared fresh, wild salmon and steamed white rice.

It doesn't get much better than this.

The Burn

More and more as I drive around Southern California, I find an errant shoe or a hat sitting along the side of the road. I find this strange. Either way in the summer sun, you're bound to get burned while missing shoes or a hat.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Too darn hot

Today is day #2 of a four day hot streak that is closing out the spring season this year. As I have been working in Simi Valley since the end of March, this is the first real heat I've felt since last summer.

Yesterday after driving to work, I happened to glance at my temperature gauge before turning off the car and at 8:00 AM it read - if you can believe this - 91 degrees. When I got out of work, it was 106.

Today is supposed to be hotter than that.

Needless to say, I have not left the building for lunch for like the last three days because I did not want to return to work wringing in sweat just to go to lunch, so I've been eating in the cafeteria. It's fresh and it's actually cheaper than going out to eat, so why not?

I can get a nice sized yogurt and fruit parfait topped with granola in the morning for $1.75 and lunch usually costs no more than $6 for an entree dish with a vegetable or salad side. They always have a 'you call it' sandwich bar available, too. The salad bar is not something they have got down yet. It's just plain weird most of the time.


I'm surly no gourmet cook, but I know better than to eat nacho Cheddar cheese dip with Ruffles potato chips. EWWW gross. That's my co-workers idea of snack food.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We don't honk

In California, we are a laid back kind of crowd most of the time even in the worst of situations driving in bumper to bumper traffic in rush hour. We rarely use our horns to honk about anything or anyone. Today though, when I was cut off on the east LA interchange by a brand new Mercedes, I honked. I honked because it was with no blinker, it was while I was attempting to merging into lane lane #2 and this idiot was changing lanes while I was merging and almost hit me. I had to stop to watch this ass almost hit me, then check the lane to the left again to make sure I had enough room to go and then merge. I was happy to see the white mini truck hold the lane open for me. Maybe he thought I honked at him, but I didn't.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's almost my birthday

It's almost my birthday and I think as I turn age 42, I can't be into so much music like before only because it's changed so much, I can't find bands I like anymore. Tis sad but true. I like the melodic rock, the power pop, the stuff that makes you want to sing a happy tune. I appreciate the power of a well crafted tune and the power of silence. Not the emo, not the one rif repeated over and over again until you're sick to death of it because people don't know how to play their instrument proficiently. I can't stand that kind of drone sound either when all the noise comes at you at once because they have no production insight or ability. I don't know what I'm going to do about it. I'm searching high and low but to no avail. Maybe it's time to go backwards, back to the egg.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

O.K., so...

O.K., so I went to work this morning not feeling so hot. Last night, I fell asleep without setting the sleep timer on the TV, so at 12:30AM, Conan woke me up. Then I watched a wee bit of Carson Daily and realized that I might be coming down with something because every muscle in my body was achy. Or maybe it was my premenstrual syndrome getting the better of me when I really should have been sleeping.

I fell back asleep leaving the TV on and then woke up to the eyebrow guy and the weather report. It was 5AM. I decided I felt good enough to get ready and out the door on time, so I went to work. I was a big mope at work today. Good thing it was slow. I left at 5PM.

The drive home wasn't too bad I thought until I turned on KNX News 1070 AM and they have these traffic reports every five minutes, bless you, because right before I got to the east LA interchange, they told me of a big rig accident at Carmenita along the 5S, where I drive. So I made plans for an alternate route.

So I drove tonight my route was:
91E (and because by that time I was past the accident)
5S again
...and home.

I thought maybe I could go get a Famous Star burger and fries at Carl's Jr because it's right next to my freeway exit, but I had 1/8th of a tank left from my commute to home and needed to gas up for tomorrow.

Over at my favorite Chevron a block away, gas prices were $4.65 a gallon and after I was finished filling up my tank, the total was over $55. Never before have I had to pay that much for a tank of gas. Makes me sick. I'm glad this job is over in October so I won't have to pay for so much gas a line the pockets of the oil companies.

As I drove back to my home, I saw my son walking from who knows where. I thought I could pick him up, but he probably appreciated that I did not. I parked and walked into my home and I don't know exactly what it was but there was this smell that hit me after I got into the front door and whatever it was, it had to be eradicated. I opened the back patio door to air it out. I figured it had to be something in the kitchen, possibly the trash, so that was taken out. Then I packed up the dishwasher with the dirty dishes that were left in the sink - I do not know why - and started a load. Note to self: buy more dish washing detergent. I checked the cat litter box, but I didn't smell anything. Amazing. After starting my dinner of rice and grilled chicken breast, I ran through the house and found all the dirty towels and wash clothes and put them in their place.

I have got to get rid of this clutter... this weekend. Clutter traps smells and I can't live in a smelly house.


You know you might be too friendly with your co-workers when they are comfortable enough to tell you about their bathroom habits. Yikes!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hold on

"Emotional intelligence involves interpersonal competencies including self-awareness, self control, flexibility and empathy."

Powell's Five Levels of Communication:
1) Cliche - opens conversation, establishes rapport
2) Reporting - offers fact
3) Judgement - giving your opinions, ideas, evaluations
4) Gut Level - sharing emotions, feelings
5) Peak - when two become one in communication and intensity of feelings

Generally, we look for the other individual to reciprocate at the same level of intensity.

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's a conspiracy!

I was thinking about this driving home from work today right after hearing a program on NPR about how the rest of the country is now catching up to the high gas prices we in California have been paying for awhile.

Now that the housing market is tanking and it's harder to get a loan, effectively there are less people able to buy homes because there are less people with good enough credit than there are people with glitches in their credit AND on top of it, less people who make enough money each month to even afford a mortgage payment, let alone have a down payment because when you are out of work and the unemployment insurance has ran out, you hit up the savings and the credit cards next to eat and pay bills. (And you've already heard that the next great national financial crisis will be a massive wave of credit card defaults.)

Because of all the greedy, bad brokers (not all of them are bad, mind you) there were a lot of loans made to people that wanted to reach for the American dream of owning a home, but in all honestly, that dream was out of reach. There were many bad loans made because brokers lied and the investment banks finally realized this once they slowed down enough to perform due diligence on the loans they bought. This created a wave of uncertainty in the investment market and home values dropped when people began to loose their jobs and defaulted on their mortgage loans. I'm almost positive that a quarter of a million people in the mortgage industry alone lost their jobs within the last two years at some point or another. Investment banks lost money, big money, because the average consumer began a wave of loosing their homes during foreclosure, too. The investment grade securities went down the tubes because homes were over valued.

But think about this... most homes have more than one licensed driver (sans some specific New Yorkers who for generations many not need a drivers license because of a better public transportation system there than in most states.) And the same investment banks that lost all that money on the housing crisis also have commodity divisions that speculate on future prices for fuel and food.

And guess what we are now paying higher prices on because the investment banks cannot sustain their ABS, MBS and CDO Secondary markets like before which is based on housing? That's right... fuel and food. The people that still have jobs will be forced to buy the high priced fuel to get to work. Everyone has to eat, so they will pay higher prices, too. And in order to distribute food throughout the country, trucks need fuel to get it to the stores you shop at. If the trucking companies have to pay higher prices for fuel, then they will pass that cost onto the consumer.

Have you noticed the prices for meat and vegetables lately? Higher aren't they... Yeah, cattle and grain are commodities, too, just like oil.

Do you get the picture? It's a conspiracy! The same investment banks that cannot make money off of the homeowner like before has tapped into every single American consumer for the food that they must buy and every one that drives for the gas they require to get from point A to point B.

Watch the investment banks and all the profits they make by the end of the year... Assets will tank while commodities will soar.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's a sale at DVD Planet

If you are within earshot of Huntington Beach, you should pop on over to DVD Planet located on Beach X Terry and stock-up. The ENTIRE store is 20%off.

Yesterday, wow

Genealogy is a trippy thing. A friend of mine once told me I'm some kind of fricken United States royalty. Just like King Henry VIII in that Showtime series "The Tudors" I'm so engrossed in, I wish sometimes I was just so I could relieve this world of certain select individuals such as rapists, molesters, murders and the like. Only just beheadings would occur in my kingdom, but I digress. Many of my relatives came from England.

Lots of people I meet seem like shadows of the people they were, could be or should have been, including myself. I feel hiding away allows me to avoid their disappointment I feel when trying to relate on some kind of personal level. But I'm no better or worse than anyone. I'm just a collection of life's experiences, whatever they may be.

Yesterday, I found out I'm related to the father of our country... the first U.S. president General George Washington himself. Ironic that my son has had this intense craving for cherries from a young age, ehy? LOL

I woke up

I woke up this morning remembering flashes of one of those vivid color dreams I sometimes have bouncing around in my head.

I was in a tall office building and I think I was coordinating a group of people that all performed the same job, but for different companies.

The desks were arranged into a geometric pattern each desk was standing separate without cubicle walls, two halves facing each other creating one long walking path-hall between them. Connecting them on one end another hall to an elevator area and
I walked into another corner of the room where HR or a high ranking manager was seated and their desk was positioned with the back next to a glass wall and had two panel cubicle dividing wall surrounding the guest seating area. This blonde lady that I already knew but did not recognize said she worked with me years before and was talking about process and procedure.

I have no idea where this will be leading me - whether or not it's just a random thing or a premonition of things to come in my life. Something is pulling me to the east coast. I think it's going to happen within 14 months.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Free Angel's Tix

I'm a subscriber to and they emailed me a survey to complete about the Best Angels Team. After you fill this out and hit submit, it gives you the option to send the same survey to for an insurance quote AND a free ticket to an Angel's game. Free is free and free is good, right?

Isn't funny...

Isn't it funny how after a good bm, you feel so much better?

I woke up feeling bloated and slightly backed up. I imagine lots of overweight people have this sensation all the time, but are in denial about it and call it 'acid reflux'. No peoples, this is a serious poop back-up when your digestive tract is so full that it now begins the acid breakdown (which usually occurs inside your stomach) now has relocated itself to the bottom of your throat. Stop eating and drink something like coffee, beer, apple cider or any other thing that makes you go number two. Trust me, you won't die not eating for a day or two when you're overweight.

The gas went away and I felt a craving for tacos coming on by lunchtime. Yeah, tacos.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Part 1
The deer in the headlights look:

I don't understand that deer in the headlights look that I see many people get for no apparent reason. Some people just get it because it's how they are. Some people get it as a reaction before inserting their foot deep into their mouth. I'm sure others obtain it as a part of the "shock & awe" they feel getting caught doing something they probably aren't supposed to be doing. But the one's that give you that kind of look all the time? Those people are kind of unsettling to me. I wonder what is going on in their head sometimes.

Part 2
My left eyelid keeps twitching:

I'm sure that the level of stress I'm dealing with being a manager on this contract job is the primary cause of my left eyelid twitching like it does. It's not a hard job my any means, but I've come to find out over the years, I really don't like management or supervisory jobs all that much. I'm glad to work with the people I do because they all know their jobs well, get along, and at the end of the day, we all want to do a good job and go home on time. That's really all I can ask for and I'm glad for that. I think I need to take more breaks and leave the office for lunch to stave off the funky eyelid thing.

Part 3
When there is something else going on:

I met one of my co-workers son's today at lunchtime. He previously told me that his son has autism, so I had a certain expectation of what was in store if I ever met him in person. Beautiful boy, but his mind was clearly concentrating on something else... in this case, it was the noise the contractors were making in order to continue the installation of the shelving in the expansion area. His eyes trailed off immediately to the noise and we couldn't bring him back to the conversation that was going on in front of him. Kids are resilient and I hope to hear one day of more of his little successes in life.


How many email accounts does one person need, really? It's getting kind of ridiculous.

1) annazzz1966@Yahoo
2) annazzz@roadrunner
3) cats
4) personal
5) gmail
6) hotmail for job communications
7) work
8) myspace
9) LinkedIn

...what am I missing here?

oh yeah...
10) the one connected to my cell phone I do not use.

Too much!

What the ?

Yesterday, there was an uncomfortable situation I had to deal with which was not pretty. You see, we had contractors come in to build out the new space for the loan vault expansion and the two main workers were talking rather loudly all day. One of the ladies from the cert team asked them to quiet down in the AM, which I did not witness. But what was the clincher was when I heard expletives and sexist/racist comments all the way across the room at my location at the back of the office. Not nice, not good, not tolerated. We have zero tolerance for that kind of ignorance at work. I had to call another manager to get it to stop and have them removed. Eww.

I left at 4PM and got home at 6pm. Fell asleep on the couch right after eating dinner I'm sure due to the stress of it all and slept my requisite 6 hours. I woke up at 12:30AM raring to go, but could not do a damn thing about it. So I laid in my bed for another 30 minutes or so and watched Conan complain about being preempted because of the hockey game on Monday.

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Monday once more

So the drive to Simi Valley wasn't so bad this morning, so I went to Albertson's before going to the office for some breakfast stuffs because I'm almost certain eating a cinnamon and apple muffin from the corporate cafeteria each morning is the culprit contributing to my ever expanding waist line, and it's gotta stop.

I located some mini blueberry bagels and compared their calorie content to the regular sized ones and if I eat two mini ones as compared to one large one, and *good news* I save 40 calories. So I placed a bag into the basket and realized that now I need to go to the bathroom. Oh yes, I do. Now, I'm not one of those girls that has a phobia about public restrooms or going #2. I don't care where or when, if I have to go, I'm going to go no matter what - get out of my f*cking way. I locate the bathroom at the back of the store between two cold cases in the hall that goes into the storage area. Do my business and am on my way. While paying for my bagels, I made sure to get cash for lunch this week.

I went to Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill for lunch and wrote about it in Yelp!
I also txt msged my hairdresser to see what his schedule was like for next weekend because I want to get a decent haircut before he traipses off to Thailand for the next three months. He's psyched and I'm happy for him, but that's a hell of a long way to travel to get your movie career rolling, dude. I wish you only good luck on this project, Chuckie.

I came back to witness more of the same silliness with the contractors putting the shelving together for my new vault space. I hear them go through these moments of giggles and then they talk some more. I wonder who's the comedian. I wonder how long they are going to take.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday With The Tudors: June 1, 2008

The Season Finale: :45 minutes of waiting, and waiting and more waiting with the tension building up until the release and banishment of Anne's father, the declaration of Elizabeth as a bastard, and the beheading of Anne.

What I think:O.K., what a disappointment as compared to the previous episode. And to top it off, they are going to begin the new season NEXT YEAR. Ug. I think it's time to cancel my subscription to Showtime.

Yeah June!

Today is the first day of June. June is my favorite month. Not because I was born in June, but because I like summer the most of all of the seasons and June is the official start of summer.