Sunday, July 27, 2014

Too Hot

It is so hot and humid in California today, it's almost unbearable. Have you ever seen a  pre-school little girl hold up her dress to cool off? Picture me doing that in my house today. The fans in each room are not cutting the humidity unless you're sitting directly in front of the breeze.

Yesterday wasn't much better. I ate light in the AM and around lunchtime, drove to Commerce to look at LVP flooring. I have to replace the 15 year old carpet and my choice is to go the vinyl plank route. Why?

1. It's a DIY easy to install project
2. It's nano silver infused, so it's super sanitary
3. Even though Lumber Liquidators is in the neighborhood, I didn't like the products they were offering.

So I picked up this white washed oak color that is just what I was looking for. Light, clean, and thick at 5mm and at the aforementioned Lumber Liquidators? They only had one choice that was vinyl plank at 5mm. I feel like I got a good deal. I almost bought the entire pallet. I may go back this coming weekend and buy the rest so my whole house can be floored in that product.

As nice as carpet is under foot, it's just a seething, filthy, smelling mess after 15 years of use.

I don't remember when the weather has been so strange as California goes. There were lightning strikes near the beach in Venice, Palos Verde and Catalina...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today's hatred for Chase

So I get two emails today from Chase that said I didn't pay my bill and that they assessed a $25 late fee. I set-up e-bills with them just so I would never pay late.

In May, they forced every one of their credit card users to change to a chip card which changed their credit card number and with that, they stopped sending their e-bills to Bank of America.

After receiving those emails today, I was pissed off. I called that damn 800 number to India and I got that $25 late fee reversed. I ended up hanging up on the rep. I hate talking to India.

Then, I paid the entire balance in full minus $25.