Sunday, July 7, 2013

Catching up on my Heath

In 1985, my appendix ruptured and I didn't realize it for a month because I thought having pain in my gut was normal. After being in and out of the hospital for three months from complications of appendicitis (abscess plus my intestine was perforated by a surgeon), I was diagnosed with Crohn's during a resection surgery - parts of the large, small and colon were removed. I had such a senses of well-being after the surgery, but once I started to educate myself about the disease, I understood there is no cure, only the control of the symptoms. I found the specific carbohydrate diet ( and it's helped me a lot, but I still struggle with my diet everyday. *No dairy* Second resection in 2000 was just for a part of the small intestine which also gave me 'surgery induced' pernicious anemia, so I have to have B12 shots every other month for the rest of my life. 

After going through menopause last summer, I complained to my doctor of a general ache in my bones, but especially my right arm which I use the most. My diet has restricted foods that cause flares, but specifically dairy and after 30 years, I'm worried about osteoporosis. I started to take 2 Beano tablets & Calcium+D recently. I never knew taking calcium could give you gas, so I've found taking Beano with it helps. I'm afraid my third surgery will leave me with a colostomy. This disease afflicts both sides of my family, but we don't really talk about it all that much so online communities like these help a bit, but my experience dealing with the disease seems vastly different because I only use medication when I'm acutely ill and not for maintenance.

Back again this year - eczema. In the past, I've had a patch behind my right knee and on my right hand that I've treated with emu oil and it went away. Now I have a small round patch on my inner calf I'm treating with cortizone 10 because it itches frequently. I attribute it's occurrence to stress, but I find it strange that it pops up so infrequently and in such random places on my body.