Saturday, December 18, 2010

And so the odyssey begins...

The checklist
2 adults
1 16 ft moving truck with a pneumatic lift
and the will to move a small apartment from El Cajon to Santa Ana into storage.

Here we go.
Time out: Saturday, 1:25PM
Time in: Sunday, 9:10PM

The majority of the time was spent packing the remaining things that didn't get packed the previous weekend I was there and putting everything into the truck. It took 4 hours of driving (2 each way) because I had to drive 55 mph in the moving truck on the freeway. It's the law in California. I also had to go through all of the weigh stations along the side of the freeway as well and for those, you get to cruise through at a blistering 5 mph before you're given the OK to merge back onto the freeway.

We had to go to Home Depot in El Cajon to pick-up bubble wrap and more boxes and it was a good thing we did because boxes are cheaper there than at Ofice Depot and that allowed us to also get another lock and a small jar of spackle for the half a million nail holes she put into the wall over the 13 years she lived there.

The drive back to OC was kind of harrowing. It was full on raining and the freeway speed reduced to 45 mph in certain spots because of it. There were two accidents along the way that people just had to look at which slowed down traffic even further. The roads were so wet, I could feel the full truck hydroplaning abit.

 It took almost 3 hours to unpack the truck. In the rain. That sucked.

After it was all done, I took my son to Carl's Jr. because were were both hungry, tired, and wet from the ordeal and I didn't feel like going home and cooking at all. I crawled into bed when I got home and slept for the next six hours straight. Then I got up at 3AM and took a hot bath with epsom salts to try to make my soar muscles feel better. What it did was allow me to sleep through my 5AM alarm and I left the house as well as got to work late.There wasn't enough Advil in the world to stop my soar muscles from aching today.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's raining again... and again.

I woke up this morning and turned on the television to watch our local weather caster who had pretty much filled in the extended forecast with every variance of a rainy day description she could remember, other than torrential down pour, over the next five to seven days. This was not good news because I'm moving my mother's belongings into storage this weekend. And it must be done this weekend. Next weekend is Christmas and you know just about nothing purposeful is going to get done that weekend other than the typical holiday faire. The following weekend is New Years, but the rent is only paid up to the 31st, so, again, I'm feeling screwed and not in the good way. I can only hope that Mother Nature has some pity on me and parts the storm clouds and ceases all precipitation long enough for me to get the truck loaded up.

Any sort of yard sale/estate sale is now out of the question due to the inclement weather unless I have it inside her apartment. I'm not sure if I'm exactly comfortable with that idea.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Karma's a bitch

In life, there is always a yin and a yang, a good and a bad, a right and a wrong, a black and the white. It's all those shades of gray that are the really messy stuff.

Steve is gone. He realized that he's not ready for a relationship. #1 reason: he's still in one. His host of health  problems, I feel, are due to stress from him not wanting to deal with his problems in the first place. His arguments are mostly circular which perpetuates his issues. I can't and won't fix you. Bye bye - good luck. You'll need it.

My mother passed away suddenly. I'm sure it was another blood clot that did her in. I wasn't close to her. I barely knew her. I'm glad I'm not that way with my son.

She did a lot of crappy things to hurt my brother and me while we were growing up and to this day some of her spite-filled actions, even through they were supposed to get my father's attention, still effect us. As adults, we feel fucked over by her passing in December and me discovering she had been living off of her credit cards for awhile now. I found two that were charge off's and there is this one for $15k. How the hell am I supposed to settle that? Shit.

She purposefully isolated herself away from family. After her triple heart by-pass last April, she finally understood doing so was not the way things are supposed to be and that her decision was screwed up.

I remember her saying this so many times when she didn't like what she was hearing from whomever it was that was saying it and now reflecting on the past, it wreaks of karma... drop dead. Ah, memories.

 I'll write more later when I'm not so busy. December is kicking my ass at work and home.