Sunday, September 24, 2017

My Medical Insurance Evolution

My Medical Insurance Evolution

Due to the progression of Crohn's disease, since my 2000 resection surgery, once a month I must get a B12 injection. It's good yet interesting that I really don't get sick all that much except for having to deal with the effects of Crohn's if I eat something that doesn't agree with my guts.

1) Kaiser was great until my employer decided it was too expensive for them. I paid a monthly premium so I could pay $8 a shot I could administer myself at home.

2) Then my employer changed insurers and I went to a different PCP of my choice who accepted my insurance near my home. And I didn't have to pay anything for my monthly injection, but had to come into the office to get it. I had a co-pay if I was seen for anything else.

3) After that, I paid an office visit fee because I changed jobs and my medical insurance had not kicked in yet. $69 for the office visit to obtain the same injection. I was thankful to my doctor.

4) Then I quit that job and went on COBRA. That was $500 a month, but all I used it for was the same B12 injection. With the same doctor that previously charged me $69 for the same injection.

5) Then I became an independent contractor. I was mad and worried having to pay so much for so little during a time when I was starting my own business and I decided to concentrate on getting my Crohn's more under control since I had more time at home. As I did this, ObamaCare came into play. My COBRA ran out at the end of 2016 and I found a plan with Kaiser for $185 a month premium based upon my new income bracket. I don't have to pay for the B12 injections if I use the nurse's clinic, but blood tests are now something new I have to pay a co-pay for. And I have a co-pay if I need to see my doctor for anything

6) Now I'm worried again that my government reps may change the mandated medical insurance plan and I'll get kicked off  because Kaiser won't have to cover me anymore under the discounted plan I currently can afford.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

So you're a foodie, ehy?

Words and phrases that let you know your dine out meal may cost more:

  • crafted
  • farm-to-table
  • gluten-free
  • organic
  • seasonal (should cost less in season than out of season, right?) 
  • market rate
  • aged (meat, wine, spirits, cheese)
  • imported
  • small batch
  • artisan
  • smoked
  • authentic
  • uncured
  • curated 
  • inspired

Dream #682917

I woke up from a dream this morning. What if Hurricane Irma was not the exception, but the norm? What if the polar ice caps melt, oceans rise and hurricanes are a part of our atmosphere all the time like the hurricane on Jupiter? Humanity is but a spec on the timeline of our universe and there is so much we don't know but only can assume about the future of the earth. We recognize pollution is the problem burning wood, coal and fossil fuels and mother nature is taking it back. Everyone better learn to swim and we need to figure out different dwelling solutions for what we home. Will it be garage on the floor, storage and then living space on the top floor? I'm glad I didn't move to St. Augustine.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Whale of a Summer Mishap

Yesterday, there was a baby whale found swimming around in Dana Point harbor after being spotted earlier in the week in Carlsbad. Nicknamed "Carlie", it wasn't supposed to be there and yet, it was. And people took note. And people paddle boarded with the animal trying to guide it out toward the open water.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Genealogy In The News

Genealogy In The News:

In Tacoma, Washington:

In San Francisco, California:

... and the thing I learned. In California, if a cemetery is 200 or more years dormant, the land can be reused again. I did not know this. So it's important for posterity to document these gravesites headstones on websites like so that the final resting place is a true public record and not just facts waiting to be rediscovered sitting in a file cabinet in some government facility.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Santa Ana 12/09

I couldn't bring myself to drive further than home after having a sneezing/farting fit in my car at the Santa Ana Main Place Mall after dropping off my last pax.

As I was leaving the mall after relieving myself, I felt like my holiday sensibilities were assaulted. Too many different Christmas songs were playing and blending into each other as I walked through the southend. Too many sales signs, too much fake snow in the windows advertising cold weather gear in style for the next two minutes. All this marketing for 20-30 somethings with their kids. After all, Christmas is a commercial holiday for kids first and foremost.

Orange Julius is gone. Whatever restaurant I wrote about that used to be next to the restroom hall was gone. the FYE is now a Chico's. Change is good, right? If it's for the better, but change for change's sake may not be. We'll see.

I drove myself home and put myself to bed, but not after noting that I'm out of canned cat food and having some throat thing to the degree that my son was in my room asking how he could help. I drank the last of the lemonade I made earlier by the glass and fell fast asleep.

It's 2 AM and the cat is stirring. I watched the end of whatever Carson Daily show music something Bare Hand - shocked I even recognize who is playing but it's only due to the fact that one of the three XM Satellite radio stations I play frequently throughout my travels is an alternative station that plays this same band.

It's 3AM and now I'm stirring. Trying to find fresh meat and vegetables on sale in the digital ad that I clicked on from Grocery Outlet. And I can't. Not to the degree that I'm accustomed to in a full service supermarket. I look, again, and the two products that are most attractive in this ad are Pacific Natural Food Beef Broth and Amy's Chunky Vegetable soup with a runner up of maybe the Del Monte Whole Kernel Corn, but at $.69, that seems high. This Pacific brand I've seen for sale at my local Sprouts. I already bought two cans of the soup from my run there prior to Thanksgiving. That was 20 some-odd days ago?

It's 4AM and now the cat is giving me all of the tell tail signals that she is hungry and wants me to feel her canned cat food and we're out. The signal is the tongue to the upper lip. We trained her to do that and respond to the term numnums. And the stores around here don't open until 6AM. So I'm searching the internet trying to figure out where is the closest store to be that's open at this ungodly hour that would actually have the one and only variety of canned cat food she eats. I was sorely disappointed at the Walmart on Technology the other day because: 1) no canned car food she eats, and 2) I had to wait to go to the one restroom they have in the front. So I drove away feeling lighter, but with no cat food which was the day I should have bought it.

By 5AM, it's still darks but I'm resolved to obtain canned cat food before I turn into can food myself in the eyes of my cat. I have decided that the Anaheim Walmart that's open 24 hours is more attractive than anything else right now so I get ready and go. And I locate the pet aisle and the variety of canned cat food she eats and I purchase every can they have on the shelf. I am certainly not the cat lady of Tustin as my son likes to tease me about, because I only have one cat, but I feel like it buying all of these cans all at once. Screw what other people think.

There are very few times in your life where what other people think really matter. When you're tested, when you screw up, when someone is paying you to do something and maybe your parents to verify they've produced a compassionate, relatively happy, productive human being. I'm wearing denim jeans, sneakers, a grey v-neck t shirt and my big winter coat because that's what I feel a 5AM store run is supposed to look like from my perspective. And I drive in silence and I get home, grab the mail from the week and go feed the cat and them make me some tea to start my day.

I have to somehow make up for a shitty Friday night's pay for getting ill at around 6PM.

Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm O.K.

Reading this made me feel a little bit better about my decision to quit AAG back in March. 

Serious Boss Advice

I'm not an expert communicator, but I felt something was wrong and that I needed to move away from that feeling. I'm glad I left.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Sage Advice?

Ron Klein, the inventor of the magnetic strip (that black strip on the back of your credit cards) said:

Be smart, daring and different.

Smart -

Daring - don't be afraid to make mistakes

Different -

I quit my shitty mortgage job in March to my shitty boss's face. That was daring. I took time to grieve the loss of my Uncle Frank. That was smart. Then I looked around for a new job and thought that maybe it's a good time to try something else other than mortgage to make a living. And getting into the ride sharing biz was something different.