Monday, September 10, 2012

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's September already?

Where did the summer go? I'm sitting here writing this blog entry one weekend after Labor Day listening to "Breakfast with The Beatles" after having made lemonade and iced tea.

Mine started with a trip to Chicago and ended with a movie laden three day holiday weekend. I never really liked to do much of anything on Labor Day weekend. Let the others drive to where they planned to go. I'll stay home and BBQ and catch up on TV. It went by so fast, I forgot to paint my toenails this year.

What I've noticed as I'm growing older and more people call me "Ma'am" is that the days are longer and the nights are shorter which is not really a good thing for someone who only sleeps 6-7 hours anyway.

I started to walk more this summer... by design or by... accident, you could say due to the July 4th weekend fender bender I had on a freeway near my home. After the collision center threw away the damaged bumper with the condo's parking sticker on it and not wanting to deal with the idiots on the board, I started to park outside of my complex about a 10 minute walk away. It's helping me in two ways: 1) more exercise and 2) to de-stress after a long drive. When I was on b/c for years, they, the doctors, always tell you you can expect to gain weight because of the monthly hormones fluctuation. Because I don't eat any dairy, I think that helped not gain huge amounts of weight over the years, but I know if I eat tons of sugar and chips, it tends to creep up. And I love chips. If I keep it below 120, that would be good. If it was closer to 110, that would be better. I was 108 when I graduated from high school 28 years ago.

The tomatoes I planted in the spring grew finally. I grew a Japanese heirloom cherry tomato plant from last years seed called Chika and killed the strawberry, the thyme and the rosemary bush due to not watering them. All four tomato plants are on drip irrigation and a timer in which the run off falls into other potted plants below them.

I didn't get to any of the fairs or festivals that go on throughout the summer months in Southern California either.