Saturday, December 13, 2014


Dear Diary,

I fell off of the step ladder at work yesterday and in doing so, the Dr. thinks I fractured my left wrist. All I know is that it started to swell up almost immediately, which scared me, and it hurt like hell. One of my co-workers took me to urgent care (their workman's comp clinic) after I got with HR to get it checked out. Almost 3 hours later, after x-rays and an examination were done, I was sent home with a splint on my forearm, a cold pack and a bottle of Tramadol.

I was so uncomfortable last night and insomnia set in from the pain med, I only napped a few hours. I feel dopey and highly medicated and since Tramadol works by upping the serotonin; I feel like I can take on the world, but at the same time I'm frustrated by the pain if I move my arm certain ways and having the splint on it. Tried opening a child proof med bottle with one hand. Thinking how stupid it was for the Dr. to send me home with bottle cap like that-and feeling pain-frustrated-humorous all at the same time.

Girlie doesn't understand I'm in pain and still wants to cuddle up with me especially since I've absconded her pillow using it to rest the splint on it.

But hey, at least it was my left and not my right wrist, so I can drive, write and type. I have a follow-up appt on Monday. The Dr. had to send the x-rays out to a Radiologist to get a determination on my injury. I'm hoping this weekend's rest will be enough time to get the pain to subside enough so I can function without having to take the Tramadol and I can get back to work. My boss ordered a new step ladder for the mortgage vault. Merry Christmas?!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I will never do that again

OK, so the pharmasist recommend that I take the Imuran after I eat and before bed to avoid stomach upsets.  I forgot to take it last night,  so I took one this morning after eating a bowl of rice crispies cereal.  Oh my god, I had such a pain in my gut after taking that tiny little pill. I was cold, then I got hot. The room was spinning a bit and then I had this gigantic bowel movement before I could compose myself and then get ready for work.  I will never do that again.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sleepy Hollow and "The True Blood Effect"

Season one of Sleepy Hollow, I got. I liked it a lot. I understood where the main character came from as I was force-fed the origin story in mini form during the opening title sequence. The stories were derived from Ichabod's experiences intertwining him within American history. And the ultimate goal was to defeat the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

And then season two... what happened? I want to call it "The True Blood Effect", where anything and everything can happen to the main characters in reality or in the supernatural worlds and, oh, lets add new characters, too. Boo! The witchy stuff turned supernatural. The fight of good over evil turned satanic. Ichabod becomes disillusioned by his witch/wife who was stuck in purgatory; a place that now the main characters can travel in and out of through mirrors.

Monday, October 6, 2014


This is post number 600.

This is what 730 square feet of LVP flooring looks like on a pallet at the loading dock. I ended up buying it at Hernandez Brothers Flooring in Commerce because I didn't like what was offered at a national chain store. I mean, they didn't even carry any choices in 5mm!

The staff at Hernandez Brothers were very helpful listening to what I wanted and matching it with my needs and recommended 5mm Luxury Vinyl Plank (or LVP) flooring. Why LVP? Well the foundation is as old as I am, so after years of wear and tear, its got some imperfections so installing flooring that's 5mm thick actually helps to hide those imperfections nicely.

We took up the carpet, padding and tack strips in three sections and shifted the furniture around for the installation process. 
The livingroom is done! As the largest room with the biggest impact, I knew if I could do this room, the rest would be easy. While the furniture was moved, this also allowed me to paint my accent wall. It was orange for a long, long time. Now it's more of a neutral gray color.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Wish This Was Someone Else

After being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and having two resections in the past (1985 & 2000), it was only a matter of time when the disease would give me issues again. After getting a new doctor at the beginning of the year due to a change in insurance, in September, I decided it was time for me to get myself checked out. Feeling bad, I activated the referral I got from Dr. Misty to see a GI specialist.

He had me do this huge blood panel, a CAT scan and a colonoscopy and after last Friday, the GI doctor now believes that I actually have what I said I have had all along and taadaa - all that pain is because now I've got an ulcer. An ulcer! I didn't know people with Crohn's Disease could get ulcers. You know what? I remember that my dad had a ulcers at one time. Now I'm wondering if he had Crohn's Disease and was never really treated for it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Things that aren't here anymore

PBS is a wonderful thing. Recently, they have been showing a two show series called, "Things that aren't here anymore" as well as "More things that aren't here anymore" chronicling businesses and landmarks that are long gone in around the general Los Angeles area.

Sometimes, when I find an address on a U.S. Census or other genealogy record, I'll look it up on Google Maps. Which got me to thinking, "What would people see if they look up the places where I lived?" in the future.

Well, when it comes to the addresses where I grew up, they're not going to see much. The first three houses I lived in for any significant amount of time were razed.

7410 Tokay was a 5 and a half acre rancho with a one bedroom house at the front of the property with no neighbors to the north, none across the street and one to the south - The Beers, who also had a farm when I lived there. After my dad sold to a contractor, the property was developed into a subdivision.

The years my mother decided to rent a room from other people, I really don't consider those places to have been my homes. The places we lived on Redwood and on Grammercy Place in Riverside were not ours and felt very temporary to me.

8412 Alder was, I believe, the original house to the double lot.  The garage was converted to the living room by the time I l lived there. A workshop and an additional home at the back of the lot were as old as the house I lived in. This house was razed (which I'm glad it was because it and the attached cellar were haunted.)

14966 1/2 Randall was a home behind another home accessible by a driveway to the left of the main house. After a fire years after I moved away, the house was razed.

The last house I lived in before moving to Orange County 22 years ago still exists, but instead of the backyard looking out onto a field, that field is now an elementary school.

The one thing I wanted so much for my son, that my mother could not seem to provide for me and my brother, was a stable home life as we moved every 3-4 years when growing up. If home is where the heart is, mine is where I bought my own and no one can take away the feelings homeownership has brought me.

Which is probably why I get a cold feeling when thinking about where I grew up and even going to my high school reunion. It's been 30 years since my high school graduation and I don't see the need to look back and reminisce.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Too Hot

It is so hot and humid in California today, it's almost unbearable. Have you ever seen a  pre-school little girl hold up her dress to cool off? Picture me doing that in my house today. The fans in each room are not cutting the humidity unless you're sitting directly in front of the breeze.

Yesterday wasn't much better. I ate light in the AM and around lunchtime, drove to Commerce to look at LVP flooring. I have to replace the 15 year old carpet and my choice is to go the vinyl plank route. Why?

1. It's a DIY easy to install project
2. It's nano silver infused, so it's super sanitary
3. Even though Lumber Liquidators is in the neighborhood, I didn't like the products they were offering.

So I picked up this white washed oak color that is just what I was looking for. Light, clean, and thick at 5mm and at the aforementioned Lumber Liquidators? They only had one choice that was vinyl plank at 5mm. I feel like I got a good deal. I almost bought the entire pallet. I may go back this coming weekend and buy the rest so my whole house can be floored in that product.

As nice as carpet is under foot, it's just a seething, filthy, smelling mess after 15 years of use.

I don't remember when the weather has been so strange as California goes. There were lightning strikes near the beach in Venice, Palos Verde and Catalina...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today's hatred for Chase

So I get two emails today from Chase that said I didn't pay my bill and that they assessed a $25 late fee. I set-up e-bills with them just so I would never pay late.

In May, they forced every one of their credit card users to change to a chip card which changed their credit card number and with that, they stopped sending their e-bills to Bank of America.

After receiving those emails today, I was pissed off. I called that damn 800 number to India and I got that $25 late fee reversed. I ended up hanging up on the rep. I hate talking to India.

Then, I paid the entire balance in full minus $25.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

In The News: Lots of Retirement Information;_ylt=AwrTWVW8EVNTRxsApxCTmYlQ

Thursday, April 3, 2014


At work, many of us have gone through Oz Principle training, myself included, and its true what they say how personal perspective colors our communications with others. I just experienced one of those ah ha moments with one of my cousins after I posted I was at urgent care for a swollen ear. She said it might be a sinus infection, and I commented back to say, I didn't know there was a sinus tract in my ear. Turns out she takes Sudafed to clear her sinus infection which was also bothering her ears. The only problem is, my nose is clear, but nice try by the Walmart pharmacy tech of the family.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's tomato time!

I have made two runs to Roger's Garden's this year so far and came back with seeds and tomatoes. Last weekend was the annual "" event. I was bummed not to be able to locate parking on Saturday morning within the first hour of them opening, so I tried again at about 3PM on Sunday and I had absolutely no issues then... with parking. Somehow by dumb luck or sheer timing, I ended up behind a mother and her daughter who, I would kindly say, were a generation older than I was struggling to get up that hill where the rear entrance is to check out.

Once I ditched the cumbersome green garden cart for a black wire shopping basket, found my four plants, which included two Chika cherry tomato plants, one Texas hybrid and one German heirloom, I trailed behind these two aforementioned ladies. The older of the two was worn out from the trip and dropped her velour warm-up jacket on the sidewalk while heading for the exit. I bent down to pick it up, but allowed the daughter of the of the pair to complete the retrieval. A man passed by going downhill and asked the two women before me if they needed any help with their cart, but declined. They had one 5-gallon plant and were doing just fine by me, just going slow. I felt like I was their spotter. I even allowed these two to line up in front of me at the check-out instead of going round them or getting into the one other line which didn't look as though it was moving any faster than a warm Sunday afternoon needed to. The daughter escorted her mother to the car for her to rest and get out of the sun while I kept their cart moving forward waiting in line to pay.

I should have replanted them into the raised beds when I got them home. It's now the Thursday after the daylight savings time change. Friday is almost here...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In The News 02/26/14:

In The News 02/26/14:


This is a great article explaining how portfolio loans aka HTM designated loans effect your financial institution’s bottom line:



Re: Credit Suisse and U.S. Tax Evasion


Re: B of A being investigated for their forex conduct and practices





Sunday, January 26, 2014

Use it or lose it

One of the perks of being a 4 year survivor... err someone with tenure at work is that I accumulate vacation time quickly. Which leads to the next question, "Where am I going to go for vacation this year?"

Last year, I traveled to Virginia to visit with my aunt and uncle. It seemed as though I came too soon because:

1) I don't call 40 degree weather a suitable temp during any vacation for me. I was sequestered to the house until it hit at least 50 degrees. I am no snow bunny.

2) Then come to find out that the major annual event for Winchester, "The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival" is near the end of the month and not at the beginning when I was there.

But no matter. I had fun anyway.

So now I have about a two week period to figure out where to go.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

It went off without a hitch. I fully intended to stay up and watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV and fell asleep on it. We had planned to make corned beef for new years and my son set the crock pot up before going to bed. I know this because I woke up to this before moving from the couch to the bed. I took a nap and then woke up at 3:00AM. Really? Insomnia? I stayed up until I watched the entire Rose Parade and then took another nap. Then it was lunchtime.