Saturday, September 29, 2007

The weekend's here...

The weekends here and I think I must have been stressed out during work this past week because I have been sleeping most of the day - Saturday. I woke up at 4AM from falling asleep on the couch. I did a few entries on Yelp, then fell back asleep on the couch watching TV. I woke up and I was hungry. Go figure. I had a bowl of berry burst cheerios with vanilla Westsoy Plus and went back to sleep. I woke up again and I was hungry. This time I found herbed goat cheese and garlic crackers and ate half of the cheese clod. And Hey! I did not go back to sleep this time. I channel surfed away from the DYI and the comedy channels because you know I have to watch "So I Married an Axe Murderer" when it's on not only because it's a funny movie, but because Anthony LaPaglia was in his prime them - mmm mmm mmm. Damn Italians - always have a soft spot for them in my heart and I don't know why. He was gorgeous in his 30's - but seriously, I don't know what happened to his physic nowadays because by me reading his bio on, I learned he's three years older than me. Ouch. Why do men allow themselves to get chunky and so out of shape? It's so unhealthy.

Friday after work, I went to Ikea in an effort to locate an adequate replacement for the cheesy pine and chipboard cubes screwed to my wall resembling CD racks. Next to my awesome large screen TV and stereo cabinet, the organized CD racks look like something that a high schooler would have for storage. The pine cubes appear quite emaciated just not substantial enough to stand against the other furniture in the room.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Black Wednesday

"Black Wednesday" was the phrase that someone used at work two days ago. It's one of those days that you can predict the impending doom of the A.M. scheduled mandatory corporate meeting. I can't go into detail specifically where I work because I'm one of those beleaguered employees of "that" financial sector that gets all of the bad news and finger pointing now-a-days. Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with subprime home loans when you can afford the home you bought and are actually able pay your payments and on time. Whats wrong with subprime is that people on many different levels took advantage of the situation and now it's just ugly. It's ugly for the homeowner who needs a loan, but has glitches in their credit. It's ugly for the companies who originated and bought pools of these loans because now the properties are all being devalued due to massive waves of default. It's ugly for the workers of the companies that were abruptly let go, laid off, or had the office doors closed and locked behind them at the end of the day. I read somewhere today while reviewing a news article about HSBC's Decision One closings it's doors that about 100 companies have had a similar fate this year and more are to come due to the subprime woes. I'm sitting tight because right now a good job in the mortgage industry is hard to find but as each day goes by, I still have this heavy feeling of doom in the pit of my stomach.

Monday, September 10, 2007

More thoughts on Florida

This is what I wrote to a gf at work about my trip to Florida.

Florida was alot like California in some respects. You need a car to get anywhere you want to go. Some areas are nice and some are not so nice. They have a Highway 1 like our PCH which sometimes goes near the ocean or the beach and is also called the Dixie Highway or A1A - which is free. They also have a toll road called the Florida Turnpike which works like the Fastpass here and which I think is bigger than the regular freeway called the I-95 that goes north and south the entire length of the state. Going to Miami is like going to LA for us. Going to the Florida Keys is like going to Catalina for us, except you can drive or boat to the Keys. Going to Worth Avenue in Palm Beach is like the Rodeo Drive of south Florida. I stayed in West Palm Beach, which was nice and old and safe. The hotel I stayed at was actually located in the historical district which also had a sprinkling of art, restaurants, and antique shops.. The hotel was cute, clean and cheap and everyone was really nice to me. It had a sushi bar and a yarn shop across the street - how perfect was that? They have tons of bars and gambling everywhere. Down the street from where I stayed, there was the Palm Beach Kennel Club, aka greyhound racing nightly and they also have a huge poker room. They have legalized gambling on the indian land there like in California, too. I saw the 5 story Seminole Hard Rock Casino where Anna Nicole Smith died - that was off of the turnpike during the drive to the Key's on Thursday. I ate conch fritters (it's a local shellfish) when I went to the Holiday Isle on Islamorada. Oh, because it's so hot most the time, some bars stay open later than 2AM. I also located a Super Walmart . It was open 24 hours a day and included a full grocery store inside. (An amazing thing to people in Southern California where they have been just about banned everywhere they tried to open one.) I went to the Keys on Thursday (my friend drove), kept it local on Friday and picked-up guides of the Palm Beach Visitors Bureau and had dinner at a wonderful Cuban restaurant down the street from the hotel on Dixie Highway. On Saturday, OT got up real early, had breakfast at McDonalds, gassed up the rental car and I drove four hours north to St. Augustine. I really liked it there. Oh yeah, the one thing I do not like about Florida is the humidity. When I came out of the airport on Wednesday night to locate my rental car, I fest this big blast of hot air and then I began to sweat immediately and I did not stop until I got back into the airport to leave - it's that humid there. They have these kidney disease billboards all over the place, so I bought water to drink which I rarely ever do here in fear of becoming sick and dehydrated. It was a nice trip. If I get to go again, I'll stay in St. Augustine though. I don't know what it is about that city that draws me to it, but it feels like home.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The top 10 reasons why I love summer...

The top 10 reasons why I love summer...
1. The best fruit is in the summer (strawberries, watermelon, peaches)
2. I can watch the beads of sweat roll down my nose
3. A holiday in the beginning, the middle, and the end
4. I hate being cold
5. Arnold Palmers (AKA iced tea and lemon aide mixed together)
6. BBQ
7. Vacations
8. The less clothing, the better because it's so hot.
9. Baseball
10. Getting alittle color on my normally pale skin tone.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Random thoughts from Florida

*I went to Florida during the hurricane season - I must be nuts, but it was quite cheap.
*I got to check off a few items on my places to see list on 43
*merge lanes marked on the freeway - love it
*people actually driving the speed limit
*you can buy a big bag of indian river grapefruit for $1 at the roadside fruit stand
*you can buy a big bag of indian river grapefruit for $1, and all the fireworks you could ever want at the roadside fruit stand
*you can buy a big bag of indian river grapefruit for $1, all the fireworks you could ever want, and a shellaced head of a dead baby aligator at the roadside fruit stand ( I could go on...)
*how many styles of licenses plates does this state have anyway? Gees... a ton.
*every place you look - bar bar bar bar bar and oh, look! another bar.
*Open 24 hours A day SUPER Walmart. (For those Californian's who are not familiar - it's got a full grocery store inside, too, as well as the regular merchandise and the pharmacy.) Now that's some crazy productive 3AM shopping right there.
*Never saw the atlantic ocean before - but now I have.
*Four story dry dock for boats? - crazy man, crazy.
*I didn't know Florida had so many pines trees - this is cool.
*whaddya mean it's a four hour drive to St. Augustine? I'm still going.
*I wish this hotel room had a microwave.
*I'm leaving tomorrow and now my body is now on east coast time? That's annoying.
*Thank you for driving me to Islamorada on the Florida Keys for lunch . Conch fritters - YUM!
* BUDS - I saw the billboards all over Palm Beach. (I did my best Rudy Huxtable impression every time I drove by the billboard.)
*CityPlace reminds me of Fashion Island. Kinda.
*You can gamble on a boat, or you can gamble near a moat, or you can gamble on some dogs, or you can gamble at the biggest fricken Hard Rock Casino I've ever seen.
*travel wench is an awesome wench. If I could hug her, I would. (AKA the Hertz Never Lost GPS System)
*Heart Rock Sushi has good saki... good enough to take away the rum headache I acquired after eatting my conch fritters at Holiday Isle.
* Ft. Lauderdale did not impress me. I might even say "ick".
* I climbed to the top of the lighthouse. 212 steps. OMG.
*St. John's got the biggest combination swap meet and farmers market I've ever seen.